How to Make Space in Your Student Accommodation

make space

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Moving into student accommodation in Australia can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you want to bring a lot with you. Fortunately, there are ways to make space and make your room a neat, fun place to be.

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Photo Wall

Photo frames can be bulky and take up some much-needed desk or drawer space. Tie some string around a couple of hooks and then peg your precious memories to your wall to fill your room with friendly faces and wonderful places. You could even make some geometric string shapes to hang your photos on, turning your bare wall into a trendy art gallery.

Your bed doesn’t just have to be for sleeping in; it’s also a great place to store all your belongings. Caddies can save the need for a bedside table, so your phone and other bedside items can sit comfortably by your side, and only an arm’s reach away. Old remote-control organisers can work perfectly, but mattress caddies can also be purchased for under $10. If you’re feeling nifty, you can make your own. The neat pockets are great for organising materials and keeping everything in an easy to locate spot.

Clothes Hanger

Attaching one hanger to another using the tab from a can allows you to store twice as many clothes in your wardrobe, and the clothes chain can go on as long as you like. It keeps your clothes neat and organised while saving a lot of space, which is great for students with small closets. You could organise your wardrobe even further by arranging the week’s clothes all in a line; just grab the top hanger and you’re ready to go.

Accessory Organiser

Jewellery boxes can take up space on your desk, while belts or scarves can clutter your drawers. By hanging them on hooks, placed on the back of your door or your wall, you can keep your accessories neat and tidy while making space in your drawers or desk.