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Eight Tips for Getting Motivated When You’re Feeling Exhausted

We all have trouble getting motivated from time to time. Motivation often comes in peaks and troughs, so it can be difficult tackling your study in a consistent manner throughout the academic year. However, with the exam period fast approaching, you might be trying to find ways to stay motivated during such an intense and often stressful time. 

Here are eight tips to help you stay motivated, even if you’re feeling exhausted.

Listen to music 

Music is often the go-to for those looking to get motivated; athletes sometimes have a certain song that gets them in the mood to compete, particularly for big events or matches. With this in mind, choosing the right soundtrack to your study session could be a great way to get you more excited about study. 

Whether it’s a particular song or even a movie score, choosing the right soundtrack can help turn an average study session into a great study one. 

Make a public commitment 

When you’re studying on your own, the only person keeping you accountable is you. Alternatively, you can make a public commitment. Agree to study with some of your friends or classmates on a certain day, or even just get a friend or housemate to remind you of your promise. Sometimes, a bit of healthy peer pressure can be really helpful!


It’s important to balance your physical health and your mental health, but sometimes giving a bit more time to one can help improve the other. While you may feel as though exercising during a period of intense study takes you away from your work, exercise can help focus your mind and give you more energy to study. 

Plus, exercising has been shown to release endorphins and reduce stress, fear, anxiety, and depression. So, taking a quick 20-minute exercise break could do wonders – both for your motivation and your stress levels. 

Try a motivational video

While a motivational video often invokes images of someone shouting at an audience or camera, this doesn’t have to be the case. Is there a particular scene in a movie that galvanises you? Is there a certain speech that makes you feel inspired? Search for it and watch it until you feel motivated to keep studying. 

Take frequent breaks 

While it may sound counterintuitive, taking breaks can actually make you more productive. If you study for too long, you won’t only get tired, but you may also find certain things just simply don’t sink in. 

Taking a break allows you to take a step back and return to your study after clearing your head, allowing you to get a fresh perspective. 

Drink caffeine 

While sleep is the best cure for tiredness, caffeine can quickly pep you up. On top of that, making a cup of coffee or tea can often offer much more than simply giving you an energy boost.

Mindfully preparing a cup of tea or brewing your own coffee provides a mini-break in your study session, which can help focus your mind. Additionally, going for a coffee break with a friend is a great opportunity to share your stresses and relieve pressure. 

Speak to a lecturer or tutor 

Your lecturers and tutors aren’t only there to give lectures and mark assignments; more often than not, they are more than willing to speak to you about other aspects of your course. Sometimes, simply talking to a trusted lecturer or tutor about the subject or some of the issues you’re having in the course can help imbue new energy into your study or allow you to navigate your challenges with a bit of extra support.

Reward yourself 

There’s no denying that studying can be a boring and arduous task. You’re often reading countless pages for hours, with each turn of the page making you more and more tired. 

To help mitigate this, you might want to try rewarding yourself at various intervals. Whether it be watching a YouTube video, playing a video game or having a snack, you’ll at least have something to look forward to every couple of hours.