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Netflix, Music Festivals and RPGs: What Jobs are There for Arts Students in Australia?

This article is sponsored by SAE University College

So, you’ve set your sights on a career in the arts! Your dream job is calling, and it’s time to answer. But what jobs are available in the Australian creative arts industry? And how do you get started?

In Australia, the arts and entertainment industry is only growing. Government investment is aiming to boost the sector back to pre-pandemic levels, and creative employment is growing 50 per cent faster than the rest of the workforce. 

Whether you’re drawn to the magic of filmmaking, the exciting world of gaming, or the fast-paced music scene, there’s a creative arts career out there for you.

Let’s look at how to get a creative job in Australia.

How to get a job in the arts in Australia

So, you’ve decided you want to work in the arts. You might want to dive straight into your first job, but it’s not always that easy! Studying in your chosen field is important, not just to gain a theoretical understanding of the craft, but for making connections in the industry and discovering networking opportunities. Research suggests that between 60-80 per cent of jobs in Australia are filled through networking or referrals, so finding an institution that facilitates industry access is important. Luckily, many institutions in Australia collaborate with industry partners, offering students a broad spectrum of networking possibilities across various arts sectors. 

For example, institutions like SAE University College offer direct access to the industry through partnerships and work placement opportunities with key events and organisations such as Pixel Expo, Interactive Games and Entertainment Association, and Australia Animation Network. They also have an Industry Advisory Panel that helps keep the curriculum relevant and connected to current industry needs.

Platforms like Navitas can make finding your dream course easy. Simply search for your industry, subject or location and they’ll provide you with course options that might suit you, in Australia and worldwide.

Film and TV

Australia has long been home to some of the world’s most unique film projects, like Crocodile Dundee (1986) and Mad Max (1979). With independent movies and big-budget blockbusters like Talk to Me (2022), Elvis (2022) and Babyteeth (2019) gaining critical acclaim across the globe, the Aussie screen industry is quickly making a significant mark. Keep an eye out for Hollywood celebs and large-scale shoots happening in your city! 

Australia’s screen industry has experienced a 37 per cent employment growth since 2015-16, spanning directing, producing, acting and ‘below the line’ roles like location scouting, hair and makeup and VFX artistry. Annual salaries range from $60,000 for a production assistant to $65,000 for a camera operator and $90,000+ for a producer.


All that time spent gaming in your bedroom could finally pay off, but don’t tell your parents! With the global gaming industry expected to grow to $485 billion annually by 2027, it’s the perfect time to dust off your controller and boot up the ol’ Mario Kart ‘64.

Competitive gaming has become super popular recently, with professional teams earning millions each year as they travel the world playing Dota, League of Legends and Fortnite, among many others. 

You don’t have to be an elite player to work in the gaming industry (although it helps)! The Australian video games industry is on an exciting trajectory. Financial incentives like the digital games tax offset introduced by the Federal Government in 2022 would help the Australian gaming workforce expand to 10,000 in the next decade. So, if you’d rather work behind the scenes, there are plenty of jobs available. From game design to event management, content creation to coaching, you could find yourself in a part of the creative arts industry you didn’t even know existed.

Salaries vary within gaming. Professional esports players who regularly attend and win tournaments could earn into the millions, but that is a rare occurrence. Don’t bet on being the next world champion just yet! Animators and designers could earn around $100,000 per year, while public relations and marketing jobs could have you earning between $80-110,000 annually.


If you spend your summers festival hopping, why not get paid for it? Jobs in music can take you to Glastonbury, Coachella and beyond.

Australia’s dynamic music scene is home to established legends and emerging artists – and there’s more than enough room for more. Whether you’re a performer or prefer getting stuck in behind the scenes as a technician, engineer or publicist, the music industry could be the place for you.

Doing a course at SAE allows you to do some work experience at Bluesfest in Byron Bay, and what better way to get your foot in the door than working on one of Australia’s biggest music festivals?

Salaries in the music industry vary, reflecting the range of roles available. Producers often see salaries of around $85,000, while roles in marketing could offer between $80-100,000.

Studying at a film school like SAE University College gives you the training and experience you need to jump straight onto a film set and hit the ground running. 

With short courses and bachelor programs focusing on anything from production and direction to cinematography, screenwriting and sound, you’ll learn all you need to know before your first day behind the camera.

If you’re ready to follow your artistic dreams, now’s the perfect time. SAE course finder can help you get the right training to prepare you for your creative career.