Australian Universities Offer Tuition Fee Rebates to Offshore International Students

Educational institutions across Australia have started offering tuition fee rebates to international students who have been studying offshore since the country’s borders closed in March. The University of Adelaide, The University of Queensland, and Griffith University are just some of the universities in Australia offering rebates to offshore international students.

In response to The University of Adelaide’s 20% COVID-19 Offshore Study Fee Rebate announcement, the Council of International Students Australia President, Belle Lim, shares:

“By offering this fee rebate, The University of Adelaide has shown its commitment towards a fair and quality experience for international students through tangible actions. We hope to see more universities and education providers take similar actions to offer relief for international students that couldn’t participate in the Australian campus experience due to the pandemic.”

What’s a tuition fee rebate?

Put simply, the tuition rebates being offered by education providers in Australia are a discount on university tuition fees. In some cases, as with The University of Adelaide’s COVID-19 Offshore Study Fee Rebate, the rebate of 20% on tuition fees is only available to continuing and commencing international students who are studying offshore and unable to travel to Australia due to border restrictions. Others, such as Bond University, are offering a 10% reduction on tuition fees for all students, both onshore in Australia and overseas students.

Am I eligible for a tuition fee rebate?

Each educational institution has different eligibility requirements and application processes in regards to its tuition fee rebates. If you have questions about whether your institution is offering a tuition fee rebate, or how to apply if it is, get in touch with your institution directly.

There are also particular rules that apply to these rebates. For example, The University of Adelaide’s notes that the COVID-19 Offshore Study Fee Rebate will only apply until travel restrictions are lifted (we don’t know when this will be, although recent pilot programs bringing international students to Darwin and Adelaide are promising), but will be honoured for the full semester of study. Plus, students cannot choose to remain offshore and receive the rebate for future intakes.