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Where to Buy Groceries Online (From Stores That Aren’t the Major Supermarkets)

online grocery store

One of the joys of staying home is being able to cook and eat how you please. While this may seem difficult during quarantine, there’s really no need to panic and stockpile your groceries. Access to fresh produce remains just as available as it was before the coronavirus outbreak – all you need to do is look beyond the major supermarkets and consider shopping from an online grocery store.

There are plenty of Asian grocers and local shops that remain open and some even offer door-to-door delivery to help you during this COVID-19 induced quarantine. With this list, we encourage you to continue eating well in the safety of your own home.


Adelaide Central Market’s Whole + Some, previously known as Goodies and Grains, take postal orders via phone and email. All usual shop items such as loose/ bulk cereals and eco-friendly household items are available for orders. Market St is also bringing Adelaide Central Market favourites to you. Offering a personalised shopping and delivery service, they can help you purchase all your fresh essentials as well as gourmet items from the likes of Dough Bakery, Say Cheese, Skara Smallgoods, and more.

Long Life Asian Grocery offers plenty of local fresh choice at affordable prices. Fresh Australian seafood, meat and poultry, as well as fruits and vegetables have daily promotions, so be sure to check their Facebook page. To help locals stay indoors, they are offering same-day delivery, free to most suburbs. Orders are accepted through Facebook or via telephone.

Keane’s Organic Food makes excellent vegetable and fruit boxes sourced from local farmers. They also sell pantry staples such as pasta, bread, and eggs. Best of all, there is no minimum order amount and delivery is free to most Adelaide suburbs.


If you’re looking for fresh Asian staples, herbs by the bunch, and less-common produce such as chestnuts and jackfruit, don’t overlook Minh Phat Asian Supermarket. The ready-prepared frozen ingredients such as peeled garlic and grated lemongrass are particularly convenient for quick culinary creations and long-term storage. Asian Pantry are another excellent option for fresh groceries, but they also have a huge selection of snacks – perfect for late-night studying.

Shopping online with Your Grocer means you can access over 60 local businesses in Melbourne for your groceries and more! From artisan bakeries, organic shops, and delicatessens, to your favourite fresh-food markets such as Queen Victoria Market, you don’t ever need to worry about running out of food and household supplies. You can even buy from multiple shops through Your Grocer, and get same-day delivery.

Yin Yam is another Melbourne-based Asian grocery store that makes shopping for produce easy with Australia-wide shipping. They offer various cuisines such as Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and so on, as well as household goods and bulk items. Want a 40-pack of Nongshim Ramyun? This is the place to buy it.


Harris Farm Markets is no stranger to online grocery shoppers, but for new customers, they are running free deliveries for the first three online orders over $80. You can expect to buy almost every common supermarket brand here, as well as gourmet and artisanal products, fresh Sydney seafood, meat, organic produce, and even liquor. 

For Indian pantry staples and spices, shop at Easy Grocery, which offers same-day delivery for orders placed before 3.00pm. Delivery is free for most western Sydney suburbs, with minimum orders of $30.

My Asian Grocer has a large range of non-perishable and cold perishable Asian food, as well as health and beauty products, and kitchenware. Sydney metro areas can enjoy a discounted delivery price, but they also deliver Australia-wide.


Zone Fresh is an excellent one-stop online shop for all your grocery needs in Brisbane. They pride themselves in stocking locally-made produce, and you can also purchase ready-made meals and ingredients such as lasagne and passata sauce.

Based in Maroochydore, Asian Food 4 U Supermarket offers freight specials for local and short haul deliveries, and also delivers to other states. It stocks plenty of Asian pantry staples as well as fresh produce, fresh herbs, and cold items such as dumplings and flat bread.

Local shop Pantry 360 has an online order form which includes anything from take-home meals such as pasta and stir-fry, to smallgoods, fresh produce, and wine. They deliver in and around Brisbane, but also to New Farm and Teneriffe. Minimum orders of $50 are required with free delivery to orders over $100.


Family-owned Fruit Hub brings locally-grown fruit and vegetables straight to your doorstep at affordable prices, which start at just $40 per box. They source their produce from the Southern Forest region in Western Australia to bring you high-quality, seasonal freshness.

The Heritage Wine Bar has recently launched an online store so that you will never run out of pantry staples, fresh meat, and ready-made gourmet meals such as pies and roasts. For a treat, choose from the meal packs, cheese boards, and of course, good wine.

For Asian groceries, shop at Thai Mart or Japan Shopping. Both offer Perth and Australia-wide delivery. Thai Mart offers all the usual Asian non-perishable goods as well as kitchenware, personal and beauty products, and even playing cards if you need entertainment. While Japan Shopping is your one-stop shop for all things Japanese.


The Cook Grocer sells a good range of local food, including products from Canberra Distillery, Pialligo Estate Smokehouse, and Deeks Health Foods. Orders are accepted online or via phone, and if placed before 1pm, will be delivered the very same day.

Wiffens from the Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets deliver more than just fruit and vegetables. Shopping here means you could also access milk and dairy, smallgoods, eggs, as well as flowers. Home delivery is available six days a week for a fee.

Doorstep Organics is a Sydney-based online grocery store that also delivers to Canberra. You can purchase all your usual shelf staples here, in addition to personal care products, supplements, and liquor.


India at Home allows you to cook your favourite Indian meals without having to step out the door for ingredients and they even ship Australia-wide! From spices and pastes, to kitchen utensils, incense, and hair and beauty products, this grocery has got you covered. 

For organic produce, pet supplies, and bulk items amongst everyday fresh and pantry staples, take a look at Greenies Real Food. Deliveries start from $8.80 and they also deliver to rural areas.

How to access more shops

Word of mouth and online information sharing are the best ways to discover which businesses are still operating and offering delivery in your area. So why not jump onto Facebook to search for your favourite store or local community support groups such as this one? Some local businesses do not have formal websites for online shopping, but they may be accepting phone and orders via social media. 

Other great resources include your local council, student associations, community radio, and magazines. There may even be community co-operatives offering much-needed goods free-of-charge in your neighbourhood. We all need each other, especially during these challenging times, so make the most of it and get involved with your local community.

Keep in mind that many businesses offering online shopping services are very busy during this period, so dispatching goods may take time. Be sure to check if they offer same-day delivery services or whether you need to plan ahead.

Accepting your delivery safely

As we are all trying to be extra careful to stop the spread of COVID-19, it’s best to refrain from having contact with your delivery person. Where applicable, let your online shop know you prefer no-contact delivery and to leave your packages at the front door. If you cannot avoid contact, remember to clean and disinfect commonly-touched surfaces such as your door knob, handles, and doorbell. Don’t forget to thoroughly wash your hands before and after accepting  packages.