Planning For Life After Graduation


For many of us, the coming summer months are a well-earned break between the hardships of an intense exam period and the commencement of a new semester. For a lucky few however, this means graduation and the ultimate question, what next?

Do you already have a graduate program lined up next year? Are your parents coming to visit? When does your visa expire? Are you travelling? Are you overwhelmed by the endless possibilities and new sense of freedom? Well, strap in and read on. We’re covering off a few things to keep in mind when considering what to do after you graduate.


Australia is a big place! There is a lot to see and do and often study can get in the way of exploring this truly remarkable landscape. Make the most of this glorious summer and discover the beauty that Australia is famous for.

Music festivals are in abundance through the summer and there are countless must-see destinations. Speak to friends and family (that have travelled) to see which places they recommend or chat to any local Australian; they all have their own list of secret spots.

Family Visits

This is also probably the best opportunity for your family to visit, now that the stress of exams has subsided. Show them where you studied, where you hung out and if this is their first time, introduce them to the Australian way of life.

Further Studies

It is very common for international students to continue their studies. There may be another course, or a higher level of qualification that will help you enter your desired profession. Speak to your university student centre about what’s available/advised for you. Here you’ll find information on applying for an extension of your student visa.


You may be eligible for a Temporary Graduate Visa, which will allow you to remain for 18 months to gain work experience and improve your English language skills. This is a good option for those who may wish to work towards permanent residency.

We have further details on finding jobs and graduate positions here.

Returning home

If you do decide that the time has come to return to your home country, try to finalise as much as you can before you go. Cancel your bank accounts and your mobile phone contracts. Pay your final bills, rent and anything else you can think of.

Often however, there can still be aspects that you may have overlooked (such as superannuation). Taking the time to ensure everything is properly managed will benefit you in the future should you wish to return to Australia for travel, study or work.



Graduation is a big achievement, especially if done so in another country and potentially a non-native language. You should be extremely proud of this and take a moment to reward yourself.

Even if it is for just one night, put the future on hold and celebrate this accomplishment with friends and family. You deserve it!