Podcasts are a perfect way of keeping motivated, studying a variety of subjects and practicing your English listening skills – and you can listen anywhere, anytime!

Here are our recommended podcasts to keep you entertained on the go.


You might’ve heard of the popular sci-fi series Star Trek – but did you know the plot was based on the maiden voyage of Captain Cook and Sir Joseph Banks, Australia’s first famous botanist?

If you love history, you may enjoy Rum, Rebels & Ratbags Рa wacky (yet informative) history podcast uncovering the unconventional historical stories, characters and events usually left out of Australian high school textbooks.


Science, Sociology & Culture

What’s behind those blazing Aussie Summer heatwaves? And when you’re running late for morning classes, why do your house keys always seem to be in the very last place you look?

Hosted by popular science geeks Dr Karl and Adam Spencer, the Sleek Geeks Podcast provides a fun entry into the weirder and wackier parts of everyday science.


Stuff You Should Know is another popular educational podcast for the curious, covering a vast and eclectic range of subjects. Aimed at explaining ‘common things and how they work’, from science to sociology, and Shakespeare to space travel, you’re bound to find at least something youd didn’t know.


Business Creativity & Innovation

For original thinkers, the inspiring How I Built This podcast is full of information on business-building, entrepreneurship and innovative thinking. Each episode, host Guy Raz interviews a notable brand pioneer, discussing the personal stories of their creativity, failures and successes.



Can’t decide which podcast to listen to?

Also hosted by Guy Raz, the TED Radio Hour – exploring Technology, Entertainment and Design ideas, inventiveness and the power of fresh perspectives – is perfect for those days you’re feeling down or overwhelmed, and just need a powerful talk (or two) to reignite your study motivation or inner creativity. Should you need even more motivational hits, you can find our list of inspiring top TED Talks to help you get motivated to study here.

Australian Storytelling

In search of ‘the real Australia’? Check out ¬†The Real Thing.

Episode 7: ‘Yadu’s Fair Go’ features ‘outspoken Indian Aussie’ cardiologist Yadu Singh and his various experiences settling into Australia – including his first impressions of Australian life, his dealings with discrimination waiting for a permanent residency visa, and his rise to prominence as the Coordinator of the Indian Consul General’s committee on Student Issues in Australia.


Australian podcast Conversations with Richard Fidler looks at life stories of ‘someone you may, or may not, have heard about… who has seen and done amazing things’ in their community (ABC). If you’ve ever experienced homesickness, you might enjoy the above talk with author Malachy Tallack touching on homelands, family connections, belonging and the question, ‘where is home’ – and that sense of inner transformation you may feel when leaving home to travel. All things that, as an international student, you may well relate to!


Travelling overseas, studying hard and dedicating yourself to what you love can definitely be a life changing experience – but as you know, it can also be pretty hard work. Rosealee Pearson presents a ‘Spun Story’ that acknowledges the importance of travelling, trying new things and following your dreams – but also of maintaining a healthy work/life balance to avoid burn-out.

Spun Stories is a storytelling event showcasing 5-15 minute bite-sized ‘true stories, told in the Northern Territory’ by inspiring individuals. The series is available on Soundcloud and at the Spun Stories Podcast.



If you’re ready to wind down from your studies with a good laugh, the hugely popular Hamish and Andy Podcast is ‘chockablock’ (filled) with references to everyday Australian culture, comedy and slang. There’s nothing like listening to the quick-witted banter of best buddies to improve your own conversational English listening skills – because¬† ‘mate, it’s heaps good’!

If you’re interested in cultivating an Aussie sense of humour, the Hamish and Andy Show might be a great place to start.