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Preparing for Success with Pathway Programs

Pathway Program

Are you hoping to be accepted into an Australian university? A pathway program could kickstart your studies. Pathway programs are designed to help students at different academic levels prepare for further education. If you didn’t finish high school or don’t meet the academic entrance requirements, you can still achieve your goal with the help of a pathway program.

Who can benefit from a pathway program?

Pathway programs are great options for anyone who wants to ease into their study journey. If you don’t quite meet the academic entrance requirements for university, are from a non-English speaking background, or want to change courses or careers, you might want to consider a pathway program. Pathway programs are fantastic for international students, as they can improve your English and prepare you for an Australian university degree.

There are lots of different pathway programs (also called bridging programs) available in Australia. Some are offered by universities, while others are taught by private or public colleges. Depending on which university you are aiming to attend, the admissions staff may be able to help you find a pathway program that suits you.

Why complete a pathway program?

Improve your English language skills

Many international students choose to complete a pathway program to work on their English skills before starting tertiary-level courses. In these programs, teachers have a lot of experience working with students who are learning English as a second language and can help you develop the academic and technical vocabulary you’ll need in the future. If you successfully complete one of these courses, you’ll receive the results you need to apply to university in Australia.

Connect with the best

Students who complete pathway programs often go on to be accepted into Australia’s best universities, as well as other prestigious institutions around the world. This is because the curriculum is specifically designed to meet university entrance requirements. Some pathway programs even offer guaranteed entry into partner universities, as well as specialised courses to help you get ahead in your future career.

pathway programs

Get to know Australian culture

By studying in a pathway program alongside other international and domestic students, you will get an understanding of Australian culture and the local education system. Pathway programs involve a high level of engagement with teachers and support staff, who can help answer any questions you have about the curriculum or your life in Australia. Then, when you start university, you’ll get the most out of your studies without worrying about the cultural transition.

Student Story

Michael Thomas, a student from South Africa, chose to study at Canning College in Perth to prepare for his future studies at one of Canning College’s partner institutions, Curtin University.

“My experiences of Canning College have been of a lot of assistance from teachers – they’re very helpful, and [the college provides] a good learning environment,” he says. “Canning College has offered a lot of support programs for subjects that I’ve struggled in, and through that, I’m able to finish year twelve on a high note and get into the courses I want next year.”

He also loves the city of Perth, which is becoming an increasingly popular destination for international students.

“I think Perth is a really amazing place to study in – I’ve met a lot of people from all over the world and I’ve learned a lot about countries that I never knew.”

Another Canning College student, Shim Tian Hui from Malaysia, chose the college thanks to recommendations from other students who had graduated from its pathway programs.

“My experience at Canning College has been pretty awesome. I met a lot of new friends there and the staff are very friendly,” she says. “Canning is really popular in my country and I think Perth is very good for studying and it’s very peaceful. I think the best thing about Canning College is the friendliness of the staff – you really feel like they really are your family and they take care of you.”