Private Rental

If you’re an independent person, then private rental accommodation is the perfect option for you. It is also an excellent way to fully immerse yourself in Australian culture; living with locals will definitely broaden your horizons in your new city.

Finding your own private rental

Renting an apartment/house for just you or with a group of friends:

Rent a room in an established share house:

  • Check the notice boards at your institution.
  • Check out websites like or
  • Look up share house groups on social media.
  • Let everyone know on your social media networks you are looking for a room – friends of friends are always looking for their new housemate.
  • Avoid private rental rooming houses that are set up like a hostel – crowding 2-5 international students into each room. This is illegal in Australia and takes advantage of students by charging too much and provide poor living amenities.

Positives of living in Private Rental

  • Control of your living arrangements and complete independence.
  • Immerse yourself in Australian culture by living with locals.
  • Living with friends can be great fun.
  • Often cheaper than other forms of accommodation.

Other considerations

  • Searching for rentals and going to real estate/house interviews can be time-consuming
  • You will need to purchase all furniture, appliances and set up all gas, power, water and internet connection
  • It can be hard to focus on study if your house is too fun


Depending on the apartment the cost will vary. You can expect to pay between $100 and $500 a week, not including utilities or food. Rentals are generally cheaper the further you travel from the city. If budget is an issue try looking a bit further out in an area that has a good public transport connection to your institution.


Prepare the documents you need to provide before you apply for your new house.  Check the real estate agent’s website – you will need various references/guarantees, proof of income, proof of identity and rental history.

Things to consider before renting an apartment/house:

  • What are the bond and lease conditions?
  • What type of household do you and the other housemates, want to live in?

Some people want a quiet, tidy, calm house, and others want a more casual, noisy, social household. It’s best to work this out before you are living with together.

Things to consider before renting a room in a share house:

  • What are the bond & lease conditions?
  • Does the share house seem like a friendly, comfortable place to live?
  • What are the house rules and customs?
  • Are people living independently or do they share meals communally?

If you have any questions about private rental, signing a lease, bond or your rights in a share house, contact the Tenancy Union in your state for free advice.


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