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10 Awesome Reasons to Live in Hobart

study in hobart

Love the idea of living off the Australian mainland in Tasmania? Here are just a few reasons why you should live and study in Hobart, the Tasmanian capital.

1. Tasmania is startlingly beautiful

From beach-side Bruny Island, to sub-alpine Mount Field National Park, Tasmania is simply breathtaking. The city of Hobart is just as gorgeous. You can walk around the docks, take a leisurely stroll through the famous Salamanca Market, or kayak in the city waters.

If you love misty snow-capped mountains, sprawling green glades, hiking paths and boundless adventure – Tasmania is definitely for you. Seriously, it’s just beautiful.

2. It’s more affordable than bigger cities

For students, Tasmania is a refreshingly affordable alternative. On average, rent in Hobart will set you back about AU$120 – $300 per week, depending where you stay. Plus, because big cities like Sydney and Melbourne host large numbers of international students, finding accommodation can be difficult. Since Hobart has fewer international students, there is less competition when it comes to employment and accommodation.

3. Hobart’s arts and culture scene is seriously interesting

Being away from the mainland can have great benefits. One advantage is that Tasmanians are able to cultivate their own wonderfully unique brand of creativity. Case in point: the world-famous Museum of Old and New Art, or MONA, which is one of the world’s largest private art collections. It’s located in Hobart and home to an array of exhibits, from fine art, to pop art, to anything grossly controversial. It describes itself as “a museum, or something. In Tasmania, or somewhere. Catch the ferry. Drink beer. Eat cheese. Talk crap about art. You’ll love it”. Honestly, we reckon that probably says a lot about Tassie’s unique voice!

You’ll also find a growing number of small, underground arts and niche cultural events. Some of the best include the Vibrance Festival Thylazine Fair, Steamfest, the Devonport Jazz Festival, Festival of Voices and the mysterious Dark Mofo, which is put on by MONA.

4. The world is recognising Tasmania for its high standards

Though physically separate from mainland Australia, universities in Tassie are often industry-led and connected to other universities, organisations and research facilities. They also consistently excel. In the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), the University of Tasmania in Hobart places in the top 2% of universities worldwide.

5. It can be easier to apply for permanent residency in Tasmania

Do you really love studying in Tasmania? Are you thinking about calling Hobart home? Great news – if you study in Tasmania and graduate with great marks and a degree, eligible graduates can apply for the Australian government’s permanent resident visa nomination to live and work in Tasmania.

6. Vocational education is big in Tassie

Tasmania is fast becoming a hub for practical vocational education, where you can chose from over 375 different qualifications on offer. What’s more, class sizes are often smaller in Tasmania, which means your teachers, tutors and mentors can give you more specialised attention. Therefore, this will help you hone the practical skills and abilities you’ll need in the industry.

7. It’s really safe

Due to its very friendly locals and relaxed vibe, Australia recognises Hobart as an especially safe city. Transport is quick and easy with little traffic jams and city pollution, the weather is usually pretty good, and most students can freely walk around the city without fear, even in the evenings. We think these are some great bonuses if you want to study in Hobart.

8. You can work part-time whilst studying abroad

Compared to cities in mainland Australia, Hobart is a quieter, smaller city. So, your unique skills, cultural background and studies can help you stand out. In Australia, you’re able to work a part-time job (usually up to 40 hours per fortnight) whilst studying abroad on a student visa, and there are many job opportunities if you study in Hobart. Ask your university’s international student support services for guidance.

9. Tasmania is restful, relaxed and perfect for reflection

Tasmania’s a haven for wildlife, which means you’ll probably meet a variety of animals in its beautiful forests, bush and parklands. Quietly watching a Tassie Devil in the wild or hearing it sharply call out in the night is a unique Australian experience not to be missed. (Psst! Although they’re said to be extinct, you never know… you might spot the elusive Tasmanian Tiger!)

10. You’ll have more interaction with Australian culture

Because of Tassie’s relaxed vibe – with less traffic, bustle and people, and more wilderness – it’s the perfect place for studying. With fewer international students in Hobart than in all of Australia, you’ll learn a lot about Australian culture. You’ll probably have more interactions with locals, speak more English, and enjoy a unique study experience that’s unattainable anywhere else.

Hobart is definitely a hidden Australian secret. But if you follow the whispers and head to the island, you’ll discover an absolute treasure of a place.