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Why is Online Cheating in the News? What You Need to Know as an International Student
*This article was updated 5 August 2022 You may have read a number of stories in the news this week regarding online cheating at... Read More

International students

We Want to Hear From You! What Are Your Thoughts On Online Cheating Services?
In recent days, data has emerged indicating that online cheating is becoming increasingly common among international tertiary students,... Read More


Dry July: What it is and the Best Non-Drinking Activities in Australia
Throughout this month, you’ve likely heard the term “Dry July” a couple of times. Maybe you’ve seen it on social media, maybe a few... Read More


Dry Nights in Hobart: Fun Things to do in Hobart Without Alcohol
There are plenty of fun things to do in Hobart that don’t involve drinking. Not sure where to start in finding these non-drinking... Read More

International students SPONSORED

Survey Announcement: Share Your Thoughts & You Could Win $200
Are you an international university student? Interested in potentially winning $200? Well, you’re in luck! Edified has launched a new... Read More

Australian culture SPONSORED

10 Awesome Reasons to Live in Melbourne
If you're a fan of coffee, culture and incredible food, you'll love living in Melbourne. The Victorian capital is one of the most exciting... Read More


7 Cool Findings from the 2021 Australian Census
The Australian Census is a nationwide survey that happens every five years. The survey asks questions about age, religion, country of... Read More


Dry Nights in Perth: Fun Things to do in Perth Without Alcohol
From touring a spooky prison to playing ten-pin bowling, there are plenty of fun things to do in Perth that don’t involve drinking.... Read More


Dry Nights in Adelaide: Fun Things to do in Adelaide Without Alcohol
Not every night can be a big night out. Fortunately, living alcohol-free can be super fun! Keen to embrace the sober life yourself? Well,... Read More

eating out

Dry Nights on the Gold Coast: Fun Things to do on the Gold Coast Without Alcohol
Just because the Gold Coast has a legendary nightlife scene doesn’t mean you always need to drink to have a good time. In fact, the city... Read More