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Where You Can Seek Support if You Can’t Afford Food or Groceries
For international students in Australia, balancing the cost of living with academic commitments can sometimes be a juggling act,... Read More

australian laws

What Are The New Vaping Laws in Australia?
If you’ve been following the news lately, you might have heard about all the changes coming to vaping laws in Australia. The... Read More


Let’s Talk About Sex: How to Discuss Sexual Health in Australia
In Australia, sexual health is discussed more openly than you might expect. Whether you're already having sex or just considering it, it's... Read More


Winter in Australia: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Budget
Known around the world for its sunshine and warm climate, you might be surprised to learn that winter in Australia can get seriously... Read More

english language test SPONSORED

Master the OET: The Ultimate Guide to Preparation and Free Resources for Healthcare Professionals
As a healthcare professional eager to expand your career in Australia, you know how critical good communication is. It’s key - not just... Read More

Flu shot

Flu Season in Australia: Your Guide to Staying Healthy and Protected
It's that time of year again! As the mornings grow crisper and your breath turns to steam, the telltale signs of winter are all around. And... Read More


An International Student’s Guide to Living in Australia With a Disability
About to move to Australia? Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards an exciting journey filled with friendships, countless... Read More


Your Contraception Choices in Australia
Abortion has now been decriminalised in every state and territory across Australia after Western Australia passed legislation last week.... Read More


A Guide to Sunrise Ocean Swim Communities in Australia
If you’ve been down by the beach at sunrise recently, chances are you may have seen a large group of people taking a refreshing dip in... Read More


How to Save Money on Food and Groceries in Australia
As an international student in Australia, grocery shopping and eating out can be expensive. However, there are strategies to budget and... Read More