Distributing our print guides

Insider Guides is published annually and allocations are set during October and November for the following year. If you are an education provider or engage with students regularly please get in touch to discuss distribution.

Our first allocation of 2021 Guides has been exhausted, but if you would like to be considered for future allocations please email us at hello@insiderguides.com.au.

A note about our 2021 Guides: In light of the uncertainty surrounding the situation for international students in Australia, we are adapting our content to remain relevant and helpful for both new and continuing students. We have reduced our print quantities and will review these during the year as student numbers change.

We are however committed to creating content to support the student journey, no matter the situation.

Online resources for industry and international students

For a huge range of updated resources, articles and webinars that you can send out to your students please head to our industry resources page.

Our 2020 print guides are available for digital download and will be updated with our 2021 Guides on publication – please feel free to share this link with your students and colleagues.

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