What do the New Restrictions in Melbourne Mean?

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Interstate border closures and reopenings have made for a very confusing time, especially if you’re trying to plan a trip away during the mid-year break. Use this Australian Interstate Quarantine directory to understand where you can travel and whether you will have to quarantine, based on your state or territory’s specific rules.

While in recent weeks there have been stay-at-home orders implemented in certain suburbs across Melbourne, these orders have now spread to the whole of metropolitan Melbourne to try and stop the COVID-19 spread. Let’s summarise what you need to know about the situation around restrictions in Melbourne.

What are the new restrictions in Melbourne?

There has been a significant increase in ‘community transmitted’ COVID-19 cases, which is worrying because it means that the virus was contracted locally. However, the source of the infection is unknown at this time. As such, it makes it difficult to track where and to whom the coronavirus has spread.

To combat the spread, the Victorian Premier has implemented stay-at-home orders for all of metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire beginning 11.59pm, Wednesday 8 July 2020. A full list of the suburbs affected can be found here. Restrictions will be in place until 11.59pm on Wednesday 19 August 2020. 

What’s a stay-at-home order?

If you’re currently living in any of the affected areas, there will only be four reasons you can leave home. These are:

  • For work (if you can’t do it from home) or school
  • For care or caregiving, for compassionate reasons, or to get medical treatment
  • For daily exercise (outdoors only and restricted to two people or members of the same household)
  • To get food and other essentials

You’re able to move around metropolitan Melbourne or Mitchell Shire for these four reasons only. The stay-at-home order is enforceable by law and must be obeyed. There will be on-the-spot fines for those breaking the order.

What else will close?

Businesses will go back to the strict temporary closures and restricted trading that was implemented during the virus’s peak in Australia. This means cafes, restaurants and hotels will only be able to provide takeaway, and facilities like gyms will have to close. Details on the restrictions can be found here.

Can I visit someone living in these areas?

At present, no. If your partner elsewhere, you will be able to visit them but must abide by the stay-at-home restrictions. No other visitors are permitted in your home. Outdoor gatherings are restricted to a maximum of two people.

When will the stay-at-home orders end?

Restrictions will be in place until 11.59pm on Wednesday 19 August 2020. 

If you live in these affected areas, it is imperative that you follow the order’s rules to keep yourself and others safe and healthy. 

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