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How to Save Money When Moving House

save money moving house

Rent and bills are already expensive enough, but moving house brings a whole new list of expenses (some that you’ve probably never considered!). That being said, there are still several different tricks you can use to save money when moving, here are our top tips for saving money when you’re moving house in Australia.

Spring clean

It goes without saying that the ease and cost of your removal will depend upon the number of possessions you plan on taking to your new home, so cutting down on unnecessary possessions will save time, effort, and money during your move. 

You should use the move as an opportunity to donate anything you no longer need, use, or love. Not only will this make the logistics of moving easier and save you money in the process, but it’ll also give you a fresh, clutter-free start in your new home!

Get creative with packaging

Rather than buying packing materials, consider:

  • Using scarfs, blankets, or soft clothes instead of bubble wrap to secure breakables.
  • Visiting supermarkets and electronic stores to collect packing boxes rather than buying them new.
  • Using your furniture to your advantage by keeping your clothes in the drawers or on their hangers, storing books and other personal items in suitcases, and using backpacks and bags to move smaller items.
  • Transporting your clothes and shoes in eco-friendly garbage bags, then reusing the bags for rubbish once you’re all moved in!  

Clean the old place yourself

You need to give your old place a very thorough clean before handing the keys over. We know it’s tempting, but don’t book a cleaning service! With fees starting from around $250 they’re certainly not cheap, and in some circumstances, the company may need to return to do a second clean.

Save yourself the time, money, and stress by cleaning your old home yourself! It may sound like a challenging task, but employing the help of your friends (or an Airtasker if you can’t convince anyone to help you for free) and doing the work yourself can be very rewarding!

Rent your own moving van

If you or a friend are licensed to drive in Australia, you can complete the move yourself! Many truck and trailer rental companies use nearby petrol stations as their drop-off and pick-up points, so you can book whatever sized vehicle you need to complete the move. You can usually pick the vehicle up near your old house and drop it off near your new address once you’ve finished the move. Find your local vehicle hire here.

Reduce your removalist costs 

If renting your own van isn’t possible, there are several other ways to reduce the cost of your move:

  • Airtasker allows people to offer helpful services such as helping you pack, moving your possessions, constructing furniture, and cleaning up at your new home; all for a fraction of the cost of professional movers. They also accept Afterpay so you can split the payment over a few weeks, rather than pay the amount in one instalment, freeing up your cash flow for other moving expenses. 
  • Use one of the many local, state, and nationwide websites to compare removalist companies. You could even use a comparison website like Upmove.
  • Move mid-week. Since most people are studying or working, weekday removalist bookings tend to be cheaper than weekends. 

Source second-hand

As an international student, you may want to avoid spending too much on furniture and decorations that you’ll eventually need to leave behind, but you should still make your house feel like a home. This makes second-hand items perfect! Websites such as Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace tend to have very cheap (sometimes free!) homewares, from whitegoods (fridges, washing machines), lounges, and mattresses, to televisions and coffee machines.

Additionally, charity shops are perfect for finding high-quality and unique plates, bowls, wine glasses, and other home furnishings to make your home feel a little more personal.

Make dinner on the first night

A little time and effort spent locating your local grocery store and cooking yourself dinner is a great idea. You’ll acquaint yourself with your new neighbourhood, pick up necessary items (toilet paper, cleaning products, breakfast, or a bottle of wine to toast your new place), save money by not ordering a takeaway (especially if you’re feeding the friends that helped you move), and settle into your new home faster through the simple act of cooking.