Should You Start Your Studies Online?

should you start your studies online

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Should I start my studies online? That’s a question we’re sure you’ve asked yourself many times.

It’s important to remember that starting study online doesn’t necessarily mean you will only study online and there may be opportunities to complete your studies in Australia when the borders open.

Even so, starting your studies online will definitely be a very different experience to starting on campus in Australia. Starting online is not for everyone but there are many benefits, both big and small. So, here are the top three benefits of starting your course online.

Meet your career goals on time

By starting your studies online, you’re telling yourself that you are determined to meet your career goals on schedule. Kickstarting your studies online will mean you can graduate before those who decide to wait and will give yourself a head start when applying for your dream job.

Whether you are looking for a quick chat or need some assistance to plan your semester, success coaches will work to help you set and achieve your goals and will follow up with you to ensure you are staying on track. You can attend a coaching session by email, phone or Zoom.

You can also get online assistance with job searching techniques, investigating career options and exploring your employability through networking, resume writing and more.

There are opportunities for virtual work experience, such as the LaunchU Trade Accelerator program through QUT. Anna is studying a Master of Business (Marketing) and participated in the program where she collaborated with people from all over the world.

“It was a great opportunity to communicate with other students with different backgrounds and from different countries. Through this program, I developed my communication and leadership skills and thanks to QUT’s help and resources, I’ve grown as a professional and I already feel a step closer to reaching my career goals.”

Learn more about Anna’s experience here.

Build your enterprise skills and digital literacy

Being able to complete online studies, even if it’s just for one or two semesters, shows any potential employer that you are self-motivated, independent, adaptable and have excellent time management skills. These are all examples of enterprise skills that, according to the Foundation for Young Australians, are in high demand by future employers. According to LinkedIn, adaptability is in the top five most sought-after soft skills for 2020

Enterprise skills are transferrable skills applicable to all industries and developing your enterprise skills while studying will mean you’re better prepared for when you graduate and you will be competitive when interviewing and applying for your dream job. 

Universities have many career support programs and inbuilt coursework and assessment items that help you build your enterprise skills. QUT, for example, can support you with career management skills that put you in charge of your future and enable you to investigate career options while building your employability.

Digital literacy is also incredibly important for employers today and in the future. By studying online, you will improve your digital literacy across many platforms, learn how to take advantage of technology to work with others from afar, and sometimes put your problem-solving skills to good use when technology fails you. Improving your skills with the computer can only serve to help you in a competitive job market.

Anurag is an international student from India who studies a Master of Business (Marketing). Anurag has been improving his enterprise skills and digital literacy by using industry-standard tools to collaborate with peers in virtual work experience opportunities.

“The program allowed me to enhance my cultural consciousness and re-established my ability to innovate, lead and work with a physically scattered yet digitally effective team.”

Learn more about Anurag’s experience here.

You will have flexibility and won’t miss a thing

The best thing about online study is the flexibility to complete your study and attend your lectures and tutorials in your own time. You can create a routine that works around your work and family commitments so you can create a balanced schedule and not miss a thing. You’ll never experience FOMO again!

Tutorials and lectures are usually recorded and all course readings are available online at the touch of a fingertip. Your lecturers and tutors are accessible via email and you can engage with your classmates on online dashboards built into your classes.

Best of all – you can press pause when you need a break.

You will also be able to attend workshops and events organised outside of your course like Sammy. Sammy (Yu Ni) studies a Bachelor of Business at QUT and is currently studying from Taiwan. Sammy has still been able to join in on the many workshops to learn and stay connected with other students.

“I attended two virtual events and they were great. These workshops are designed for those who are interested in getting a great job, enhancing their professional skills and boosting their personal profile.

“It was quite fun participating in these events. There is no reason to stop yourself from learning new things and getting connected with other students via online events.”

Read more about Sammy’s experience with virtual events here.

Think online study might be for you? Make sure to check out your study options at QUT.