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Spotify & Study: The Best Playlists for Productivity

If you’re an international student in Australia gearing up for exams, you might be looking for ways to boost your focus and make the most of your study sessions. Music can be your best friend when studying, helping to enhance concentration and reduce stress.

We’ve compiled a list of Spotify playlists across various genres to suit different study preferences. Whether you prefer the steady beats of hypnotic electronic or the soothing tunes of acoustic music, there’s something to help everyone hit the right study groove. So, let’s dive in and discover how the right playlist can transform your study time!

Hypnotic electronic

Hypnotic electronic music, with its pulsating beats and atmospheric synths, offers a unique and engaging backdrop for study sessions. This genre is characterised by its repetitive rhythms and captivating melodies, creating a trance-like ambience that can help enhance concentration and focus. If you find yourself easily distracted by lyrics or rapid tempo changes, the instrumental nature of hypnotic electronic music makes it an excellent choice for maintaining a steady study pace.

Playlist to check out:


Embrace the power of Lo-Fi music, a genre celebrated for its intentional imperfections and soothing tempo. This low-fidelity music style creates a calming atmosphere that engages the frontal lobe of the brain, enhancing focus and concentration. Students worldwide are turning to Lo-Fi playlists for their relaxing vibes, lyric-free tracks, and predictable loops, which together minimise distractions and foster a productive study environment. 

Playlist to check out:


Jazz music, with its upbeat rhythms and soulful improvisation, can be great for studying. It not only boosts your mood and reduces stress but also enhances concentration, making it easier to tackle challenging assignments. The varied tempos and complex melodies keep your mind engaged, while the expressive nature of jazz provides a calming backdrop for your studies. So, consider adding a touch of jazz to your playlist for a productive study session.

Playlist to check out:


Classical music, renowned for its structured melodies and lack of lyrics, is another excellent choice for studying. The Mozart Effect, a popular theory, suggests that listening to Mozart’s music may induce a short-term improvement in tasks that involve spatial-temporal reasoning skills. Furthermore, Classical music has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance mood, and improve concentration and memory. So, whether it’s Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart, incorporating Classical tunes into your study routine can elevate your focus and transform your study sessions into a harmonious experience of productivity and calm.

Playlist to check out:

White noise

Now, if you find yourself easily distracted by music, no matter how chill or soothing it might be, white noise might just be the game-changer you need. While it might not fall under the traditional category of music, white noise offers a unique solution. This consistent auditory backdrop drowns out disruptive noises, providing a blank canvas of sound that minimises distractions and fosters concentration. White Noise also has a calming effect, reducing stress and creating a tranquil space for productivity.

Playlist to check out:


When the final exam is over and the last assignment is submitted, it’s finally time to put the books down and let your hair down. Music is a powerful tool that can instantly change our mood and set the tone for any celebration. Put on your own favourite tunes or check out the happiest playlist we could find!

Playlist to check out: