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A Guide to Launching Your Career in Perth


As Australia’s sunniest capital city, Perth offers a laidback lifestyle surrounded by beaches and unique Australian landscapes. It also happens to be one of the best places to work in Australia, especially if you’re planning on starting a career in Western Australia’s booming services industry.

For most of the past decade, Perth was known as the hotspot of Australia’s mining industry. Recently, the local economy has continued to evolve to keep up with changing demand around the globe. If you’re considering studying or working in Perth, we’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know about kickstarting your career in the Western Australian capital.

Why work in Perth?

Alongside Perth’s gorgeous climate and thriving food culture, the city’s residents enjoy high salaries and good work-life balance. Unsurprisingly, Perth is a popular destination for those migrating to Australia from overseas and has a strong multicultural society.

Like in most of Australia, the work culture in Perth is relaxed and junior staff are treated well, with lots of potential for growth within the company and solid on-the-job training. According to the Government of Western Australia, skilled migrants are in-demand to fill jobs in areas including healthcare, education and financial services.

The fastest-growing jobs in Perth in recent years include accountants, solicitors, sales and marketing managers, retail workers, fitters, aged and disabled carers, childcare workers, baristas, kitchen hands, schoolteachers, chefs, cleaners and construction project managers. Economic forecasts predict that Western Australia will continue to thrive as it moves away from being a mining-based economy.

Visa options

Western Australia offers state-nominated visas for graduates or professionals who are qualified in an occupation listed on the Western Australian skilled migration occupation list (WASMOL) or Graduate occupation list (GOL). If you fit into one of the identified professions, you may be able to apply for a Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) or Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489). These visas prioritise those who have previously studied in Australia or have been offered a job in Western Australia.

Prepare for Perth

To have the best chance of building a successful career in Perth, you will need to do your research. The first step is to check the availability of jobs in your field of expertise in the local area and figure out your visa options to make sure working in Perth is a possibility for you. Then, the real work begins!

Work on your English

If you’re planning on working in an English-speaking country like Australia, you’ll need to have studied the language to a proficient level before you start. Working in a new language can be a challenge, but practising your English skills in advance will have a huge payoff for your career in the future.

Form valuable networks

When it comes to finding a job, often it’s about who you know. There are plenty of ways to meet people and form relationships in Perth; you can attend professional networking events and Meetups, join industry groups, and connect with people on LinkedIn. Collect as many business cards and contact details as you can so you can get in touch at a later date.

If you’re approaching someone on LinkedIn or via email for the first time, make sure to show off your enthusiasm for the industry and desire to gain professional experience. Your initial contact could read something like, “Hi there, I am new to Perth and looking for a job in the industry. It would be great to connect with you and share ideas.”

Build your resume

Australian employers take a broad approach to assessing jobseekers’ resumes, valuing experience and participation as well as academic achievement. To make your resume stand out, you can get involved in extracurricular activities like sports or volunteering throughout your university studies. If you’d like to volunteer your time for a worthy cause, you can find organisations in need on the Volunteering WA website. These extracurricular activities can also be a great way to build networks and practise your English, making your resume even more in-demand.

Find your dream job

Most jobs in Perth are advertised online through websites like Seek and LinkedIn. You can also check out the Government of Western Australia jobs website.

If Perth seems like the place for you, there are lots of rewarding jobs available to start building a successful career in health, education or other services. Whether you’re attracted to the city’s breathtaking views, chilled-out atmosphere or dynamic economy, you’re guaranteed to find your own piece of sunny paradise in Perth.