Student Resources on Campus

Resources on Campus

What services are available on campus?

There is a range of services and facilities on campus to assist you in making the most out of your studies. Understanding the purpose and value of each one when starting out will help you fully utilise them.

International Student Office

On campus, this office is your best friend. Make sure you pay the staff a visit to get acquainted. They will assist with your orientation, organise social events and answer your questions.


There is more to your campus library than just a collection of books! Libraries are full of free meeting rooms, Study areas, TVs, journal databases, computers and more. If you can’t get work done at home, head down to the library. Learning how to use the library effectively will improve your chances of truly succeeding in your studies. Libraries also offer a range of workshops to enhance your academic skills.

Career Centre

Drop into the Career Centre where employment experts will assist you in creating an effective resume, explain how to complete a job application and prepare for a job interview. They can also help you plan out your graduate career and discover volunteer and internship opportunities. Not many students use it because they simply don’t know about it. Now you do!

Student Union

The Student Union is your one-stop shop run for the students by the students.

Joining your student union is a great way to get more involved on campus. They run regular parties and events, offer a myriad of clubs and societies to join, facilitate major student publications and the Student Representative Council, offer discounts on food and retail and can even help with student support such as legal advice or finding a job.

Health & Wellbeing Services

Health services available on campus include a doctor’s clinic (some even offer free flu vaccinations), a dentist centre and a chemist. General wellbeing services are also available for individual counselling, exercise and wellbeing programs and group workshops to help with things such as anxiety, procrastination and time management. Reach out if you need support!

Sport & Recreation

Most universities offer a fitness and aquatic centre which will include facilities such as a 50-metre swimming pool, fitness room, group fitness classes, cardio machines, weights area, spin room, sports courts/fields, café, parking and a crèche. Team sports and recreational activities are also on offer, such as social games, university competitions, skill-based courses, and wellness seminars.

Peer Mentoring

A peer mentor is a senior student appointed to help with the transition to university life. Peer mentoring is an excellent option for international students, as the mentor can also assist with the cultural transition of moving and living in a new country.

Disability Services

Most universities offer a range of disability services such as transport, parking and physical accessibility assistance, lecture support including lecture recordings and peer note-taking services, assistive technology, library support and resting rooms to accommodate students who take medication and those who need rest from fatigue or chronic pain.

Religious Centres

Many universities have a multi-faith religious centre with chaplains offering worship services, prayer meetings, spiritual guidance, discussion and support.


Childcare centres provide early education and childcare services for students with kids. These services are offered at a reduced rate and sometimes offer holiday daycare options too.