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SA Government Announces $13.8 Million Package to Support International Students in South Australia
On 21 April 2020, the South Australian Government announced a new $13.8 million International Student Support Package, designed to support... Read More


Explore Australia From Your Living Room: Film & TV
With more weeks of staying at home lying ahead, you might be looking for some fresh content to light up your TV or laptop screen. And... Read More


What is my OSHC Provider Doing in Response to COVID-19?
If you’re currently an international student in Australia, you’re probably wondering how your OSHC provider is covering you during the... Read More


Keen to Host a Virtual Party With Your Friends? Here Are Some Fun Ideas to Get Started
So, you’ve already perfected the art of hanging out with your friends without having to leave the house. The next step is to become an... Read More

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Explore Australia From Your Living Room: Live Music
Australia has an incredibly rich and diverse music scene - from classical to hard rock and everything in between, there’s something for... Read More


How to Navigate Sharing a Home With Others During COVID-19
Living in a share house during the COVID-19 pandemic is a reality for many. But, being stuck inside can be exhausting, especially when your... Read More

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Explore Australia From Your Living Room: Wildlife
Australia’s abundant, unique (and adorable) wildlife is an incredible highlight of studying here. However, with the current regulations... Read More

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The 10 Best Websites and YouTube Channels for Isolation Recipes
Being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t mean you have to stop eating healthy meals. While UberEats is an easy... Read More


Webinar #3: The wellbeing of international students during COVID-19 This week’s webinar brought together Jenna Weber, Head of Operations at Scape, and Robert Chasse,... Read More


How do I Exercise While I’m Stuck at Home? Tips From an Australian Ninja Warrior Semi-Finalist
Whether you’re a regular gym-goer, or have a casual, once-in-a-while approach to fitness, exercising during COVID-19 is extremely... Read More