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Employment SPONSORED

Are You Being Paid Correctly For The Time That You Work?
As you may know, while working in Australia you have workplace rights and entitlements that are protected by law. The Fair Work Ombudsman... Read More


10 Awesome Reasons to Live in Perth
Interested in heading to Australia’s sunniest capital city? Aside from enjoying the most sunshine each year out of all Australian cities,... Read More

Employment SPONSORED

Thinking of Working in Australia? The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has Free Information and Resources to Help You Get Started
Are you thinking of getting a job while studying in Australia? It’s important you understand your rights and obligations before you start... Read More


How to Launch a Start-up in Australia Like a Pro
Launching your first start-up is rarely an easy journey. Whether you’re considering starting a new business, or have already engaged in... Read More

Employment SPONSORED

The 10 Most Employable Skills in 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic is a clear example of how unpredictable the future and potential job market can be. The way our world looks today is... Read More

Employment SPONSORED

Nine Reasons to Live in Inner-City Melbourne
It’s no secret that Melbourne is one of Australia’s most liveable cities. But with such a huge selection of suburbs, how do you decide... Read More

blockchain SPONSORED

What Career Can I Get in Blockchain?
Blockchain is a new and fascinating innovation. In essence, blockchain is essentially a series of data blocks linked together, hence the... Read More


International Students Are Now Allowed to Work Extra Hours
*Information correct as of 20 January 2022. The Australian Government is temporarily easing the restrictions on working hours for... Read More

blockchain SPONSORED

What Do I Need to Study Blockchain?
So, you’re interested in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. You’re curious about the future of blockchain in Australia or wondering... Read More

blockchain SPONSORED

The Best Cryptocurrency Courses in Australia
By now, you might be familiar with the terms ‘blockchain’ and ‘cryptocurrency’. You’ve probably heard about people in their 20s... Read More