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Australia’s Great Barrier Reef: A Sustainable Exploration Guide for International Students
As international students exploring Australia's vast natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef undoubtedly ranks high on the must-visit list.... Read More


Five Tips for Understanding Environmental Biosecurity in Australia
When you get the chance to live in another country to undertake your studies one of the best things is exploring all the things that the... Read More


Earth Day: Practising Sustainability as an International Student in Australia
Earth Day, held every year on 22 April, is a global celebration to appreciate and protect our planet's environment. With its diverse... Read More


Seven Easy Tips For Becoming More Environmentally Friendly
Making your daily habits greener doesn't have to be difficult. In Australia, there's a growing consciousness around environmentally... Read More


Careers of the Future: Aquaculture
Globalisation, automation and rapidly changing needs mean the future of employment will probably look very different to now. In... Read More


Your Guide to Recycling in Australia
If you’re looking to become more environmentally friendly, a key way of lessening your impact on the planet is to recycle. This includes... Read More

Careers of the Future SPONSORED

Careers of the Future: Environmental Science
Globalisation, automation and rapidly changing needs mean the future of employment will probably look very different to now. In fact,... Read More


Understanding Australia’s Bin System and Other Tips for Being a More Sustainable Student
Keen to become more eco-conscious but not sure where to start? If you’re looking to adopt some greener habits, here are some easy and... Read More

environment SPONSORED

Student Stories: Building a Sustainable Community in Australia
When you first come to Sydney, the first thing you might learn is you’ll need a reusable shopping bag when buying your groceries. Maybe... Read More

cultural exchange SPONSORED

Student Story: My Educational Voyage to Italy
Your first year at university as an international student is usually dominated by adapting to a new environment, understanding the local... Read More