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mental health

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Gambling in Australia: What You Need to Know as an International Student
Australia: a nation of sandy beaches, unique wildlife, and an undeniable love for sports. For international students, it presents an... Read More

Loneliness SPONSORED

1 in 3 People in Australia Feel Lonely: Here’s How to Better Understand Loneliness as an International Student
Even in a world overflowing with digital connections, loneliness is on the rise. According to Medibank's fourth We Are Lonely Index, 39 per... Read More


R U OK? Day: A Guide For International Students
As international students, studying abroad and settling in a new country can often be a positive and thriving experience. However, the... Read More

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Could Living in Student Accommodation Improve Your Mental Health? Research Says Yes
Can your style of accommodation have an impact on your mental health? According to a new survey, yes, it absolutely can.  Life at... Read More


Winter in Australia: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Budget
Australia is known around the world for its beautiful beaches, constant sunshine and warm climate. As a result, it can be easy to forget... Read More

cyber security

What is Threads? Tapping Into The New Social Media App Everyone is Talking About 
Just when you thought the social media landscape couldn't get any more crowded, a new app has entered the scene. On 6 June 2023, Meta - the... Read More


The Best Safety Apps for Students
Living overseas is exciting, but it is understandable if it also makes you nervous. During your time abroad, you will likely find yourself... Read More


Mental Health Support in Australia: Signs to Look Out For and Where to Go for Help
Two recent studies have shed light on the mental health needs of international students and are calling for urgent action to address the... Read More


Opinion – Is It Time to Break Up with Social Media?
Click. Ka-Ching. Buzz. Ring. Your device makes all these noises and plenty more throughout the day. It’s what starts your day (the... Read More

health and wellbeing SPONSORED

Top 10 Apps to Help You Improve Your Mindfulness
As an international student, your mind is one of your most important assets. Studying requires a huge amount of mental focus and... Read More