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How to Find Student Jobs in Canberra
Canberra, the heart of Australia's academic and political life, has become a prime destination for international students. Among them... Read More


How to Find Student Jobs in Perth: An International Student’s Guide
Each year, students choose Australian cities to further their education and immerse themselves in a new culture. Perth is a popular... Read More


How To Make Money Over Summer as an International Student
As summer arrives, it's a perfect time to think about earning some extra cash before the next academic year kicks off.  Whether you're... Read More


A Guide to Finding Student Jobs on The Gold Coast
While studying in Australia as an international student, you have the opportunity to find part-time or casual work.  Not only does this... Read More

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A Guide to Finding Student Jobs in Sydney
Picking up a part-time or casual job isn’t just a great way to earn some extra money while you’re studying! Working throughout your... Read More

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How to Find Student Jobs on the Sunshine Coast: An International Student’s Guide
Looking for a part-time or casual job on the Sunshine Coast while you complete your studies? Great choice! Having a job while you study is... Read More

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How to Find Student Jobs in Townsville: An International Student’s Guide
Townsville is a great place to work as an international student. The city has an unemployment rate of only 2.3 per cent, and there are... Read More

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How to Find Student Jobs in Melbourne: An International Student’s Guide
Melbourne is the chosen study destination for many international students. Between its top-ranked institutions, cultural diversity and... Read More


The NSW Government Has Partnered with SEEK to Help International Students Find Jobs
Searching for jobs in NSW? Well, your job hunt just got a lot easier! In a brand-new pilot program, the NSW Government has launched an... Read More


How Volunteering Can Help You Get a Job
As an international student in Australia, you have the option to volunteer on your student visa. When it comes to volunteering for... Read More