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The 6 Best Things I Did Studying Abroad in Australia

This article is sponsored by Curtin University

Have you ever considered studying overseas? Of picking up your life and starting fresh in a completely different corner of the globe? Of meeting new people, exploring new cultures and gaining new skills? 

Well, with a world-renowned education system, a multicultural population and some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, it’s no surprise that Australia is a top international study destination, attracting hundreds of thousands of students every year.

One of them is Jarod, an American student originally from Fairfax, Virginia, who is currently studying at Curtin University in Perth. Jarod is three months into his six-month exchange through Curtin’s Go Greater study abroad program

We at Insider Guides recently sat down with Jarod and chatted with him about the six best things he has experienced so far in Australia.

1. Explore an entirely new side of the world

Jarod tells us he spent much of his childhood moving around, including through the US and Europe. So, he wanted his study abroad to be unique, a place he had never experienced before. 

“I had never been to Australia before. I wanted to go someplace new; [the Go Greater program] is a good way to come here and experience it for a while,” he says. 

Undertaking a six-month study abroad means students can take the time necessary to soak up all this unparalleled country has to offer, and Curtin’s Go Global program provided this opportunity to Jarod.

2. Experience sandy beaches on pristine islands

Australia has some of the world’s best coastlines for swimming, snorkelling, and surfing. Perth is blessed with being a short boat ride away from holiday islands like Rottnest, a beloved weekend destination known for housing native Quokkas, protected marine life, and stretches of sandy white beach. 

According to Jarod, who has visited the “beautiful” island himself, it’s a must-see for any international students in the region.

3. Plan an outback road trip

Australia is a vast playground of bushland, red desert and beautiful coastal towns. The best way to get out of the city and explore these breathtaking landscapes is by renting a car with friends and planning an unforgettable road trip – something Jarod is already doing.

“I am planning to go to Kalgoorlie with some friends I have made,” he shares.

Kalgoorlie is the largest outback town in Australia, with a rich history of gold mining and settler heritage. 

Other popular WA road trip destinations include the Margaret River Region and its luxurious vineyards, the coral reefs of Exmouth, and the ancient waterfalls in Karijini National Park. 

4. Learn in small, discussion-based tutorials

Australian universities typically offer tutorials, which are small, discussion-based learning groups that enable students to collaborate and learn from one another. During his time at Curtin, Jarod has found them incredibly beneficial.

“Tutorials are nice because they have smaller class sizes and thus are nice to have discussions in,” he explains.

In addition, tutorial attendance is generally mandatory, meaning it’s easier to meet other people from your course and form study groups.

5. Soak up the near-perfect weather

Australia – and particularly Perth – is famous for its year-round temperate climate – and Jarod’s experience has been no different.

“The weather is gorgeous most of the time – not too hot, not too humid,” says Jarod.

This climate means that, aside from taking every opportunity to study outside on the university’s grassy lawn, there are ample opportunities for students to explore the surrounding beaches, take bush hikes, and venture on road trips. 

6. Make the most of a thriving social scene

One of the best parts of a study abroad is connecting with new people from around the world. Fortunately, Perth is full of buzzing social scenes and thriving subcultures to uncover.

The best way to meet other students is to get out and get involved. Jarod tells us that making new connections has been one of the highlights of his study abroad experience. He shares that he meets people on nights out in Perth – an easy feat in a city with such a vibrant nightlife.

“I hang out with friends and go out. [I’ve been] meeting plenty of people that way.” 

According to Jarod, this is just one of the many ways to meet new people and make new friends when you study abroad. There are also a variety of student nights in local pubs, volunteering opportunities, social sporting teams and student-run clubs. To make the most of the Australian uni experience, you can look into living on campus – something which Curtin offers – allowing you to easily meet fellow international students. 

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