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The Quest For Taylor Swift Tickets: Is Ticket Scalping Illegal in Australia?

Spent eight hours trying to buy Taylor Swift tickets last week? Us too! 

With the excitement surrounding Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour around Australia in early 2024, ticket scalping has become a hot topic here. But what is ticket scalping? Is ticket scalping illegal? And what has Taylor Swift really got to do with it?

Read on to find out how you can make sure you have an enchanted concert experience (that doesn’t cost a fortune)!

What’s the scoop on ticket scalping?

Ticket scalping refers to the act of reselling tickets, particularly for popular events, at prices significantly higher than their face value. Scalpers take advantage of high demand and limited supply, often using automated bots to secure large numbers of tickets all at once. 

This practice can lead to extremely high prices and leave genuine fans unable to attend the event.

Why is ticket scalping in the news, and what’s Taylor Swift got to do with it?

Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated Eras Tour has fans all around the world lining up for tickets, online and in person. Unfortunately, scalpers often exploit big events, like the Eras Tour, buying thousands of tickets and reselling them for a huge markup. For example, a recent UFC event in Perth saw resale ticket markups ranging from 24 per cent to 430 per cent! In one case, a ticket with an original price of $1073 was selling for $4800 on an online marketplace!

Is ticket scalping illegal in Australia?

Broadly speaking, ticket reselling and ticket scalping are not illegal in Australia, and there are no national anti-scalping laws.

However, there are various anti-scalping legislations and laws enforced on a state level. Currently, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) New South Wales (NSW), Queensland, South Australia (SA), Victoria and Western Australia (WA) all have laws around reselling tickets. For example, in NSW, SA and WA, scalpers can only sell tickets at 10 per cent above their original sale price across all venues. 

In Victoria, the Major Sporting Events Act 2009 prohibits scalpers from reselling tickets to “major events” for more than 10 per cent above face value. Anyone caught violating this law could face a large fine.

So, back to Taylor Swift! The Eras Tour was declared a major event last week by the Victorian Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events. Under Victorian scalping laws, this means tickets cannot be advertised or sold for more than 10 per cent above their original price, those selling ticket packages must be authorised by the event organiser, and individual sellers will need to provide the details of the ticket and seat position.

How to buy concert tickets safely in Australia 

To ensure a safe and legal ticket-buying experience, follow these guidelines:

  • Stick to official channels: Buy your tickets directly from authorised sellers or trusted ticketing platforms. For example, check the official website of the event you wish to attend – it will have links to the authorised ticket seller.
  • Pre-sale: Want to be a step ahead? Keep an eye out for pre-sale opportunities available to registered fans.
  • Look for anything suspicious: Beware of unofficial ticketing websites or advertisements offering tickets at significantly discounted prices.

How can I resell my tickets?

Life happens, and sometimes you can’t make it to the show. So, can you resell your concert tickets? Absolutely!

Firstly, it’s important to understand that the Electronic Ticket Resale Service Information Standard requires all websites with the primary purpose of reselling tickets to events held in Australia to advise consumers that it is a reseller website and to display the original ticket price.

In addition, the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) applies to the sale of all tickets to events in Australia. ACL requires anyone selling tickets to events to provide tickets that are fit for purpose and match their description, advertise the full price (including all fees), provide a receipt and not mislead in any way.

When reselling tickets (or buying from a reseller), remember to:

  • Use authorised ticket resale platforms like Ticketmaster Resale or Ticketek Marketplace. These platforms offer a secure way to resell tickets while following legal requirements. With The Era’s Tour, Frontier Touring has warned that tickets sold on unauthorised outlets, such as Viagogo, Tixel and Gumtree, will not gain entry into venues.
  • Set fair prices – consider offering your tickets at face value. By doing so, you contribute to a fair and equitable ticket market, allowing other fans the chance to attend at an affordable cost.

So, when can I buy official Taylor Swift resale tickets?

Glad you asked! Resale tickets to The Eras Tour will be available on Ticketek Marketplace from 4 September 2023.

There you have it, Swifties! With a bit of luck and a few more hours on Ticketmaster, you might just be able to attend the concert of your Wildest Dreams.