How to Throw the Graduation Party of the Year

graduation party

Graduation is a really exciting milestone – and what better way to celebrate than by throwing a graduation party? Planning a party may take some time, especially if you want it to be a success. If you’re not entirely sure where to begin, here are some tips for organising your graduation party and turn it into something awesome.

Food and Drinks

Your graduation celebration is a great occasion to serve some memorable food. Prepare as many dishes as you can the day before, and if you need to put food together on the day of the party, make sure it’s quick and easy. This way, you can hang out with your fellow graduates without being stuck in the kitchen. The food you choose is entirely up to you and your tastes, although themed food is a sure way to make your guests smile. Whatever the theme, you can’t go wrong with food that reminds you of graduation. Chocolate Cake Graduation Caps make for great snacks or desserts, and Graduation Cap Cookies will delight your guests with their hidden candy surprise. If you’re after something savoury, try some Graduation Pretzel Pops or a Grad Cap Sandwich.

It’s also a good idea to have plenty of drinks on hand. Crowd-pleasers like soft drinks, wine and beer are always good to have, but if you really want to wow your guests, try mixing some graduation cocktails. The Graduate is a famous graduation drink; it’s perfect for a summer graduation party, and if you have a drink machine, it works great as a frozen cocktail to ward off the heat.


What’s a great party without some music? Compile a music compilation that looks back and forward: songs from your university years are great for reminiscing about your time as a student, while inspirational songs will motivate and inspire you for your journey ahead. Check out this Rolling Stone list of some great graduation songs to get you started.


Decorations are key to making sure your graduation theme is well executed. Your party theme could be a simple colour scheme using your favourite colours or the colours of your university. If your time in Australia is coming to an end, an Australia-themed graduation party is a perfect way to celebrate your time at university, complete with green and gold streamers and Aussie animal decorations.

The graduation banner is an essential decoration for any graduation party, and Command™ Poster Strips will work perfectly to ensure that your banner stays up throughout the whole event. You can also hang streamers in your theme’s colours with clear Command™ Hooks or Poster Strips.

Jumbo Command™ Hooks can hold up heavier decorations, like this Keys to Success board, where your guests can write advice and their hopes for the future on cute keys. You can also use Command™ Picture Hanging Strips to hang up pictures of recent graduates or photo props for a cool graduation-themed photo booth. That way, you, your friends and family will remember your party for years to come.