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Travel and Transport in Australia

As an international student in Australia, you’re going to want to make sure you experience and explore all of the unique cities and landscapes across the country. First thing’s first though – you’ll want to be able to navigate your new Australian home easily. That means knowing all the shortcuts to and from your campus, understanding public transport, and how and where to save money on travelling around town.

This is our guide to getting around in Australia. If you need more information and tips on travel and transport in your new home, download our city-specific Guides!

Travel around Australia

How can I find cheap flights to Australia?

There are certain tips and tricks that can help you find cheaper international flights to Australia. We’ve put together a definitive guide to making sure you’re getting the best flight deals available.

What are Australian airports like?

The very first place you’ll encounter on your international student journey to Australia will be the airport. Fundamentally, it will likely be similar to the airport in your home country, but things like public transport access and taxi options are bound to be quite different. Let’s run through what to expect when you land in Australia so you can navigate the airport with ease.

What can and can’t I bring into Australia?

Australia has some of the strictest border security rules in the world. This is to protect Australia’s agriculture and unique environment and wildlife from pests and diseases.

Where should I go on holiday in Australia?

Australia is full of incredibly unique and diverse locations that are perfect for a holiday. During the academic year, you might not have a lot of time for a break between your studies, but don’t worry, there are a range of incredible options for day trips or weekend holidays, perfect for a student budget, that you can take around your city. Here’s our guide to must-see spots around Australia’s cities:

How can I take a holiday on a budget in Australia?

There are a number of cheap ways to travel around Australia. Road trips are particularly popular, and some are even world-famous, like the Great Ocean Road. As an international student, you have the option of getting an Australian drivers licence, so you can rent a car, pack your bags, and explore the country.

What do I do when I’m leaving Australia?

When you’re leaving Australia, there are certain tips and tricks that can help you get the cheapest flights, pack your bags effectively, and prepare for a long-haul flight. We’ve put together a guide on how to get organised to head home.

Can I travel to/from Australia now? When can international students come to Australia?

*Note: The information in these articles is correct as of the time of writing. Please refer to SmartTraveller and the Department of Home Affairs for updates on the COVID-19 situation in Australia.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impacts on travel worldwide. At present, the Australian borders are closed to international travellers, although certain pilot programs – such as this one bringing students from Singapore to Darwin – have been announced, to allow international students to commence/continue their studies in Australia.

Transport in Australia

What public transport is there in Australia?

One of the most important skills to learn as an international student studying in Australia is how to get around your city, and public transport can be one of the most convenient and budget-friendly transport options for students. This isn’t only vital in getting to and from your education provider’s campus (and work), but also to explore your new city and visit friends. Wherever you decide to live in your town, odds are you’ll be close to a public transport route, whether it be a tram, train, or a bus route. 

We have city specific articles that can help make taking public transport a lot easier:

What are the dos and don’ts of public transport in Australia? 

You may find travelling on Australian public transport a lot different to travelling on public transport back home. Here is a quick guide on how to use Australian public transport like a local

Can international students get Australian driver’s licences?

Getting your driver’s licence as an international student can be extremely beneficial to your life in Australia. A driver’s licence doesn’t only give you the opportunity to travel more easily between work and your campus, it also allows you explore more of your state/territory (and even the rest of Australia). 

Check out our guide on getting an Australian driver’s licence as an international student

What are Australian traffic laws? 

If you’re going to get your Australian driver’s licence as an international student, it’s vital that you understand the Australian traffic laws. Check out our guide to learn the basics of driving around Australia

How can I buy a car in Australia as an international student?

Renting cars regularly can be expensive, so if you know that you will need reliable access to a car at all times, you might want to consider buying one while you’re in Australia. We’ve outlined some tips for when it comes to buying a car in Australia

Where can you buy a bike in Australia?

Cycling as a form of transport is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, due to it being both a great form of exercise and an environmentally-friendly mode of transport. Plus, it’s free, and many of Australia’s cities and towns have extensive bike lanes and cycling paths set up, so you can travel safely as a cyclist. Here’s our guide on how to buy a bike in Australia

What are the cycling laws in Australia? 

As with driving a car, there are certain laws that must be followed when cycling in Australia. These rules are fairly straight forward, but may differ from area to area. Make sure you understand the bike laws in Australia before heading out.