Meet Kranthasi, or Kransi as she likes to be known, a second-year Bachelor of Communications student studying at The University of Queensland (UQ).

Kransi is the host of a new student-led webinar series from UQ that gives insight into life as an international student living in Brisbane and studying at The University of Queensland.

“I’ve been at UQ for a little over a year now and being an international student, juggling my studies, having a social life and living in a new place has been nothing short of amazing.

“When I came to Brisbane last year, I was terrified. A part of me knew that everything was going to be just fine, but coming to a different country and living away from your family can seem scary – and yes, it will be difficult at times. Trust yourself and trust me (as I did), it’s really not all that bad and nothing you can’t overcome.

“You’ll make friends, find some home comforts and, as time goes on, you become familiar with this new place, Australia. You learn about yourself and develop your independence, and everything finds its way. Now, I call UQ and Brisbane my home away from home.

“Watch my first episode of the UQ Student Webinar and hear from me and my classmates as we discuss what it’s like being international students in Australia and our lives in Brisbane. We’ll tell you our stories about settling in and how we started to develop our own independence, and talk about some of the amazing prospects we have to look forward to when we graduate as international students!”

Want to know more? Register to watch Episode 2 – graduate outcomes and career support while you study at UQ.

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