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What International Students Love About Geelong

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Located an hour outside the bustling city centre of Melbourne is Geelong, Victoria’s second-largest city, which offers a laid-back, student-friendly lifestyle. Here you’ll find gorgeous beaches, natural wonders and a vibrant food and drink scene. Clearly, there are heaps of benefits to living and studying in this charming city. But don’t just take our word for it; we asked international students what they love about living and studying in Geelong. Here’s what they had to say.

Geelong is diverse

Many international students are surprised and delighted by the diversity of the Geelong population. Sagar from Nepal boasts that living and studying in Geelong allows you to meet “people from every corner of the globe.”

According to Nikhil from India, the city “gives you a sense of inclusiveness no matter where you come from.”

Similarly, Joan loves the wide variety of restaurants and international supermarkets located in Geelong, which allow her to experience different cultures through food.

You’ll enjoy a balanced lifestyle

Geelong offers a laid-back lifestyle that both international students and locals adore.

“The things I love about Geelong are innumerable, but to highlight a few, I love the balance that the city has,” shares Nehchal from India. “Geelong offers the best of both worlds: the [hustle and bustle] of a city and the calmness of a country town.”

Geelong is student-friendly

Although you may see the city classified as a regional area by the Australian Government, Geelong has everything you need to settle in and enjoy life as an international student.

“What I love about Geelong is the quietness and easy access to places, from shopping malls to [universities] and hospitals,” says Joan, originally from Kenya. “[It] makes it easier for international students to adjust to the environment.

Living in Geelong is peaceful and affordable

There are many benefits to living and studying in a regional area – and Geelong is no exception!

“Geelong offers you a safe, peaceful and affordable lifestyle for an international student,” says Sagar. “You can study your subject of interest from a world-class university or TAFE college whilst enjoying the beach experience and a balanced life.”

A wide range of fun things to do in Geelong

Of course, when you’re not studying, you’ll be looking to have some fun while living in Australia! Originally from India, Tejus feels spoiled for choice when it comes to activities, telling us: “I love everything that Geelong has, from the beach, go-karting, beach volleyball, running around the waterfront and beautiful parks. [There’s also] the indoor National Wool Museum and Geelong Gallery. Geelong has everything that a city needs.” 

An excellent food and drink scene

If there’s one thing Victorians take seriously, it’s their coffee. According to Sagar, the food and coffee in Geelong is some of the best in Australia! Shandy from Singapore echoes this sentiment, telling us about the many great breakfast and coffee spots Geelong has to offer. Make sure to check out Eddy and Wills or A Spot for Joe on your journey to find your new favourite coffee in Geelong.

You can cross off your bucket list activities

Every international student in Australia should have a bucket list of must-do activities to complete while they’re here. Nikhil was amazed at how many things he could tick off his list by living in Geelong.

“From adrenaline rush activities such as skydiving to just driving along the coast on the Bellarine [Peninsula], Geelong has something for everyone. Geelong will give you the full feel of living Down Under with a great range of experiences.”

For Tejus, Geelong’s proximity to nearby tourist attractions such as the Great Ocean Road, Grampians National Park, the 12 Apostles and the Loch Ard Gorge made studying here “one of the best choices I have made in my life!”

You’ll be welcomed by friendly locals

According to Yuting from Taiwan, the Geelong is packed with friendly and welcoming folks.

“It is not crowded like a busy city, but your daily needs are still satisfied. The most important thing is the cosy lifestyle and friendly people. Those elements that make me bravely walk out of my comfort zone to experience my overseas study life.”

Geelong weather is lovely

Geelong’s climate is much milder than the north of the country, with warm summers and cool winters. Yuting loves the charming and natural coastline city, telling us: “Geelong is located in a great geographical position, so [it’s] easy to find a lovely beach to enjoy the comfortable sunshine or immerse yourself in the cool ocean.”

Geelong nature is second to none

If you love the great outdoors, Geelong is the place for you. Geelong beaches and nature experiences are a favourite for visitors, locals and international students, including Shandy.

“I love how Geelong has a great balance. If I want to go hiking or watch the sunset, there are so many places to go, such as the You Yangs [Regional Park] or Bells Beach.”

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