What the NSW and VIC Re-Opening Rules Mean for You

As New South Wales and Victoria begin to hit their stated minimum vaccination targets, the states will slowly begin to reopen. Restrictions will change and new rules will come into effect.

It may be a little confusing to keep up with what’s being announced and what restrictions impact you. Here’s what you need to know.

(Note: This information is correct as of the time of publication.)

Victoria’s reopening rules


(Source: The Victorian Government)

Victoria’s ‘roadmap’, as pictured above, is the hopeful path to opening the state up again. The easing of restrictions is based on the reaching of certain vaccination targets but is also dependent on public health advice. This means that the roadmap may evolve over time. 

Phase B is planned to come into effect at 11:59pm today, 21 October 2021. This is when 70% of the Victorian population aged over 16 are expected to be double-dosed with a COVID-19 vaccine.

The restrictions in Phase B are different for Metro Melbourne and Regional Victoria. 

Can I study on-campus?

According to the Victorian Government’s Coronavirus website, the current plans regarding the reopening of higher education, TAFE and training providers in Metro Melbourne and Regional Victoria are as follows.

Once 70% of Victorians 16 years and over are fully vaccinated:

  • Onsite learning can recommence for hands-on, skills-based learning
  • The indicative date for commencement is Tuesday 26 October, subject to public health consideration at the time.

Once 80% of Victorians 16 years and over are fully vaccinated:

  • On-site (on-campus) learning can recommence for fully vaccinated people in Victoria, with COVIDSafe plans in place
  • Subject to a density requirement of one student per 4 square metres.
  • The indicative date for commencement is Friday 5 November, subject to public health consideration at the time.

For people on-campus, you will need to follow public health directions, including wearing face masks indoors and outdoors and adhering to COVIDSafe practices such as physical distancing and other hygiene measures.

It’s always best to contact your education provider directly to see what restrictions are in place and whether you should be attending classes in person. We also recommend you follow your education provider on social media so you can receive the latest updates as this remains a changing situation. Remember to check your student email regularly for updates.

New South Wales’ reopening rules

DCS_00276_Roadmap-Landscape_FA3-151021 (1)

(Source: NSW Government)

NSW opened on Monday 11 October 2021 as the state passed their 70% double vaccination target.

Restrictions were then further eased on Monday 18 October 2021 as the state met the 80% double-dose milestone.

Can I study on-campus?

Each education provider in NSW is managing the delivery of studies to tertiary students in different ways. Contact your education provider directly to find out more and follow their social media/check your student email regularly for announcements. 

I still don’t understand the rules!

We understand that it’s a very confusing time as different states and territories across Australia have different rules and restrictions in place. When seeking information, official State and Territory Government websites are the best places for up-to-date news:

These websites will also explain interstate border restrictions and where in Australia you can travel to.