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Where is Western Sydney?

This article is sponsored by Western Sydney University

Greater Western Sydney is such a geographically large area that there is something for everyone here.

With an eclectic mix of cultures, the region is host to some of Sydney’s best restaurants, cute markets, old pubs and educational institutions.

Where is Greater Western Sydney?

Covering close to 9000 square kilometres and home to almost half of Sydney’s population, Greater Western Sydney is the region west of the city’s central business district and encompasses some of its biggest suburbs. Among these are Parramatta, Bankstown, Fairfield, Liverpool and Penrith. The vast area of Greater Western Sydney is made up of many smaller suburbs as well, where you’ll find plenty to see and do and which are great for living in.

Getting there

Getting to Greater Western Sydney from other parts of the city is easy. From Central Station, trains run to all the main parts of Greater Western Sydney.

A direct train from Central Station in the CBD will get you to Western Sydney’s Parramatta in under 30 minutes – remarkably fast, considering Parramatta is over 20 kilometres from Sydney’s centre. From Sydney Airport a trip to Parramatta will take you a little longer, closer to an hour.

If you’re after a more scenic option, you can catch the ferry down the Parramatta River from Circular Quay. You’ll have about 90 minutes to sit back, relax and enjoy the sights along one of Sydney’s most beautiful waterways.

Once you’ve made it to Greater Western Sydney, you’re never far from deliciously steaming, authentic pho, crisp and delicious falafel, beautiful, heritage-listed natural scenery, or even an opportunity to learn something new.

Studying in Western Sydney

So, if you’re looking to further your education while abroad, you may be wondering where to study in Western Sydney.

There are great study options in Western Sydney. Depending on your future career pathway, you can pursue an undergraduate degree, or add to your existing qualifications with a master’s degree or even a doctorate.

To do this, there’s no better study option than Western Sydney University (Western).

With a broad range of study options available at Western, you’re sure to find a course that interests you. And, of course, if you’re looking to fund your studies abroad by working, there are always Western Sydney University jobs available for those who want to work where they study.

Western has several campuses spread across Greater Western Sydney, including in Parramatta, Bankstown, Campbelltown and Hawkesbury. These house computer labs, libraries, gymnasiums, world-class laboratory facilities and even Western’s very own crime scene house, where students studying forensics can gain hands-on experience.

Alternatives to university include private colleges, where you can learn a wide range of different skills, earn certificates and qualifications, or take part in short courses, including English language courses.

Western Sydney boasts several TAFE campuses and other VET providers, too, where you can learn hands-on skills and trades.

Western Sydney is also home to some of Sydney’s best-rated high schools, so if you’re looking for a secondary school provider, look no further. Schools in Australia are either public, meaning they are funded by the government, or private. Public schools in Australia are of very high quality and student welfare is excellent.

Why Western Sydney?

You may well have heard of the great Melbourne vs Sydney rivalry by now. While the Victorian capital is a fantastic destination for both tourists and long-term visitors, the Greater Western Sydney area is scoring plenty of points in Sydney’s favour.

This part of Sydney is absolutely thriving. Western Sydney has the added advantage of being considerably more affordable than other Sydney regions like the Inner West or Eastern Suburbs. Particularly when it comes to your weekly rent, your wallet will be glad you chose Western Sydney!

With its unique mix of cultures from around the world, Western Sydney is home to some of Sydney’s best foodie favourites. Whether it’s authentic Vietnamese, Lebanese or Chinese cuisine you’re after, you’re sure to find it in this wonderful and often underappreciated part of Sydney.

And lastly, Western Sydney has some truly beautiful natural surroundings. With the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains just a day trip away and plenty to do for local and international visitors alike, there’s lots to love about Western Sydney.

Photo courtesy of Destination NSW.