Why International Students Are Deciding to Move to Adelaide

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Choosing the right city to live in is just as important as choosing the right course to study.

Adelaide is among the most liveable cities in the world and home to leading universities. Providing residents with the benefits of megacity living, without the high expenses and the crowd, Adelaide has become a popular study destination.

There are so many reasons to live in Adelaide. We spoke to two international students studying at The University of Adelaide to find out why they chose to study in Adelaide, and why they are staying in Adelaide to kickstart their careers.

Lindsay (Lyujing) Huang is a second-year Master of Clinical Nursing student from Fujian, China. Before moving to Australia, she lived in Singapore for more than a decade. While completing her bachelor’s degree in Sydney, Lindsay travelled to various Australian cities. She chose Adelaide as her postgraduate study destination after a short trip to South Australia during this time.

“The people in Adelaide are relaxed, nice, and will more readily say hi to you,” Lindsay says.

Summer (Shanxiazi) Jiang is in her final semester of studying the Master of Finance and Business Economics. She is also from Fujian, China, and completed her bachelor’s degree in Malaysia. Summer’s primary reason for choosing to study in Adelaide was a generous scholarship she received from The University of Adelaide.

Affordability and lower cost of living 

There is no doubt that the cost of living is a major factor for international students to consider when deciding where to study. Fortunately, Adelaide is more affordable compared to other capital cities in Australia. This means you can make the most of high-quality education and enjoy a better standard of living without breaking the bank.

From accommodation and public transport to food and entertainment, our guide to Adelaide’s cost of living will provide an indication of its affordability. You can also use our Cost of Living Calculator to get a better estimate based on your lifestyle.

A good balance of city life and scenic getaways

Summer says that Adelaide’s lifestyle and weather are very similar to her hometown of Fuzhou, China. Lindsay agrees that Adelaide has so much to offer attractions-wise, both in the city and beyond.

“It’s the best of both worlds here in Adelaide,” Lindsay says.

The city’s infrastructure and transportation system give Adelaide the reputation of being the ‘20-minute city’. This means it will take you an average of 20 minutes to get from one major point to another in Adelaide. Not to mention, Adelaide is very close to a range of natural attractions — from the scenic hills in the east, to the stunning beaches in the west.

Fantastic support networks for international students

As an international student, you will appreciate the support you can find in Adelaide and within its educational institutions. According to Lindsay, it is valuable for international students to familiarise themselves with the different support networks available.

StudyAdelaide, for example, is a really good one,” says Lindsay.

She also points out that there are also many support services available on-campus at the universities. At The University of Adelaide, these include the Accommodation Service and the Wellbeing Hub.

“Whatever your concerns are, just speak up and find the help that you need. There will be support for you,” Lindsay says.

A city brimming with opportunities

At first, Lindsay thought that Adelaide would only be a study destination and that she might have to move to a bigger city to start her career. However, she now thinks that Adelaide can also provide her with the career growth she is hoping for.

“There are opportunities here for me as well, and my friends already have jobs lined up for them as soon as they graduate,” Lindsay says.

This is owing to the fact that one of the many benefits of studying in Adelaide is the many internship and part-time work opportunities for international students pursuing different degrees.

“In the past two years, lots of big companies such as Accenture, Google, Nokia, and Microsoft have established offices in Adelaide. This will create thousands of job opportunities for competitive international students too, right here,” Summer says.

Diversity, inclusivity, connectivity

Just like all of Australia, Adelaide is a multicultural city. This has made Lindsay and Summer feel welcome and comfortable studying and living in Adelaide. They have also made life-long friends.

“Knowing that other international students are here from different parts of the world and are going through similar experiences, it is easy to connect with them,” says Summer.

Building networks in a small city like Adelaide means you can form meaningful connections and people are more than willing to help one another.

Summer has recently been selected to join the Deloitte Graduate Program and intends to obtain permanent residency in Australia while establishing her career in Adelaide. She recommends planning ahead and researching well before coming to Adelaide to set yourself up for success. This includes understanding and fulfilling your course requirements, which elective subjects you want to pursue, what sort of networks you want to build, and the type of job you hope to land after graduation.

Lindsay found moving into a residential college when she first arrived in Adelaide very useful.

“It felt like I already had a social circle going while I was adjusting to my new university life,” she says.

Future plans for Lindsay involve completing her nursing placements and finding a job at one of the hospitals in Adelaide.

“I feel very lucky to be in Adelaide,” Lindsay says.

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