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How to Celebrate Women’s History Month in Australia 2024

Women have always played a crucial role in the world around us, in social, economic, cultural, political and many more spheres. The contributions and achievements of women throughout history cannot be understated nor can they go unnoticed – and that’s exactly where Women’s History Month comes in.

Dedicated to honouring the advancements and accomplishments of women throughout the years, Women’s History Month is a fantastic opportunity to reflect and celebrate all that women have to offer. 

Here, we explain what you need to know about this annual commemoration and how you can celebrate Women’s History Month in Australia. 

When is Women’s History Month? 

Every year, Women’s History Month is celebrated internationally throughout the month of March (1-31 March). International Women’s Day is also celebrated during this period, falling on 8 March annually. 

Throughout the month, several events – such as talks, discussion panels/forums, and celebratory meals – are held around the world. Therefore, if you’re eager to get in on the celebrations, you’ll be glad to hear that you should have no trouble finding events near you. 

International Women’s Day 2024 theme

The United Nations is marking International Women’s Day 2024 with a call to “Invest in women: Accelerate progress.” The goal is to tackle a huge funding shortage of $360 billion a year that’s holding back gender equality efforts, crucial for building strong economies and a healthy environment.

This 8 March 2024, everyone is encouraged to participate by using #InvestInWomen on social media. UN Women’s website is the go-to place for sharing stories and resources to spread the word.

The main points of focus this year include:

  • Treating gender equality as a fundamental human right
  • Urgently addressing poverty that threatens to affect over 342 million women and girls by 2030
  • Ensuring women have access to necessary services despite potential budget cuts
  • Advocating for a greener economy and a society that values care
  • Significantly increasing support for women-led organisations

While this is the official International Women’s Day 2024 theme, you may also encounter the theme and hashtag #InspireInclusion on social media. This has been circulated predominantly by a site called InternationalWomensDay.com, which shows a clear focus on the corporate side of International Women’s Day. According to Zee Feed, such corporate-centric campaigns can distract from the grassroots origins and inclusive discussions upon which International Women’s Day was founded.

How to celebrate Women’s History Month

There are several ways you can celebrate both International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month in Australia. Let’s take a look at some of the top ideas to get you inspired. 

Educate yourself

One of the simplest but most effective ways to take part in Women’s History Month is to simply educate yourself on the incredible contributions of women throughout history. Start by reading our round-up of inspiring Australian women’s stories and see where your learning journey takes you from there. 

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Attend an event 

As we mentioned previously, there are all kinds of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month events taking place throughout March. You can consult your education provider’s website, the government website of your city or region, as well as sites like Eventbrite to find ones near you.  

Appreciate the remarkable women in your life

Women’s History Month isn’t just the perfect time to recognise outstanding women from afar – it’s a great opportunity to show some love to the women in your immediate social circles. 

Reach out to your friends and family members to tell them how much you appreciate them and what you love about them. Taking the time to recognise women on a more personal level can be 

Donate to women’s charities and organisations

Want to give back and help advance women in society? A great way to do exactly that is by donating to an organisation that works towards that mission. No matter how big or small, every donation can go a long way in helping women in need.

Some great examples of women-centred organisations include: 

Don’t have money to give? Consider donating items such as clothing, electronics, books and more to charities that accept such donations. Salvos and Vinnies are two excellent examples, with locations across Australia. 


Volunteering with women’s groups and organisations is another great way to get involved during Women’s History Month. To find relevant volunteer opportunities, get in touch with your education provider or consult resources such as Volunteering Australia