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Working Towards a Renewable Future: Prajit’s Life in Tasmania

This article is sponsored by Study Tasmania

Born in India, Prajit Parameswar had always known he wanted to pursue international study. When he was given the opportunity to do so in Tasmania, he jumped at the chance.

Prajit moved from Goa, India to Australia to study a Master of Professional Accounting and a Master of Business at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) in 2006.

“I did some research and found Tasmania to be a quiet place, an opportunity to study harder. So I decided that Tasmania and UTAS is it. Looking back, I know I made the right call,” says Prajit.

Life as an international student

Prajit found life as an international student both a challenging and rewarding experience. Finding a part-time job was essential for Prajit to be able to cover his everyday expenses, and although he was met with several rejection letters, he persevered until he found something. He worked extra hours during the semester breaks to help cover his fees, an experience that he says “made me what I am today.”

Although life was busy balancing work and study, Prajit said he never lost sight of his goals.

“I always had a clear objective and worked towards it – I am here to study at UTAS and I will do my best to achieve the best results, to set me up for the future,” he says.

Working in Tasmania

Now, Prajit is working as a spot markets manager at Hydro Tasmania. As part of his role, he works to solve complex problems, maximising value to the business, helping to build leaders and most importantly, continuing to work towards building a future of renewable energy.

When I started work, Tasmania’s energy resources weren’t high on my radar, but it eventually became a source of pride to be living and working in a state that runs mostly on 100 per cent renewable energy,” he says.

Prajit and his family have now settled down in Tasmania, and they are loving it more and more every day.

“Living life in Tasmania is awesome. If you enjoy your work, if you have great friends, Tasmania is the place to be,” he says.

Prajit says it’s the Tasmanian people that make the state such an incredible place to live, a place he is proud to call home. Walking down the street he smiles at strangers and they smile back – something you might not necessarily experience elsewhere in the world.

“It is the Tasmanian people that helped me understand what makes Tasmania so special.”

Finding common ground through cricket

In his spare time, Prajit coaches the Summerleas Eagles Cricket Club, which he founded with friends in 2012. It can be isolating being away from home, but cricket is something that can bring people together. 

“It makes me very happy,” he says. “What makes me happier, perhaps, is the fact that I’m taking a leadership role and coaching, mentoring and passing on the knowledge that I’ve learned over many years.”

Prajit and the club are currently working on growing the women’s team, ensuring their values of diversity and inclusiveness are constantly being met.

Planning to study in Tasmania?

Prajit encourages international students just beginning their journey to always keep a clear goal in mind and never lose focus.

“Tasmania is surely a land of opportunities. If you persevere, and you have that strong resolve, you will get what you want. But it’s not easy when you start off, especially if you’re coming here as an international student. The key is for you to continue that journey, keep pushing. You will get there – there is no substitute for hard work,” he says.