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International students are not easy to market to, usually.

Students move through each stage of their experience quickly

research – preparation – departure – arrival – orientation – study – graduation

As they move through, their needs change.

It makes it hard to get your brand seen when you want students to see it.

Over the last eight years, Insider Guides has built an enviable red carpet distribution strategy all about timing, which has given our advertising partners a way to talk directly to international students.


Every year, we make a series of annual International Student Guides so useful (and free) that governments, universities, colleges and agents want Insider Guides as a key part of their student engagement strategy. Furthermore, many actually have stopped making their own guides and rely purely on Insider Guides now.

As such, we have had to be very selective about who we let advertise in Insider Guides, and how many advertisers are in each one, as to not sacrifice our distribution partnerships.

It’s the only way we can ensure our guides are being given to students at the right place at the right time.

Our print run is over 180,000 guides annually, distributed to over 200 organisations. This makes up over 80% of all new international students.

There are a few advertising spots left in the 2018 guides.

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We also offer digital display advertising for those that advertise.

Want something more than advertising? Ask us how you can leverage our platform to gain thought leadership in the international education space through sponsored content.

Offshore Editions

Targeting international students across 18 countries who are actively considering their study options in Australia. We produce 3 editions of Insider Guides – International Student Guide to Australia.


Distributed in 30 cities in China via the Ministry of Education’s (MoE) roadshow to schools and colleges. MoE also runs workshops and distributes guides through this process too. Guides are also distributed through IDP offices.




Distributed in China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, UAE, Korea, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam. Distributed through the IDP office network in 18 countries, given to students during their consultations with IDP counsellors.



Distributed to over 80 agents across Vietnam in all major centres.




Onshore Editions

Targeting international students on arrival with 6 local city guides.

Advertise in the guides to reach 145,000 newly arrived students when they need to make a wide range of important buying decisions and have little existing Australian brand loyalty.

Within a few months, marketing to this sector becomes more challenging as students disperse into the community.







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