We all know how expensive music festivals can get, here are some tips to catch the bands without breaking the bank.

1. Get early bird tickets

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Don’t wait till the last minute – many festivals have early bird specials or pre-sales that are significantly discounted. Subscribe to their newsletters and follow them on social media so you can be the first to know when they release them.


2. Work your way in

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Many festivals rely on volunteers to scan tickets, hand out freebies (more on that later) and clean up, and you probably won’t have to work the entire day either. Check out their websites and apply as early as possible. Note that everyone and their mother will try to volunteer for big festivals like Splendour in the Grass, so choose your battle wisely.


3. Win tickets

Wait, people giveaway tickets for FREE? You heard it right. Radio stations and festival sponsors often host competitions to giveaway tickets, and sometimes even an all-expense-paid trip! (Side note: the author is preparing for hers as she writes this.) So scout their websites and social media accounts religiously once the festival is announced and enter everything – you’ve got to be in it to win it.


4. Avoid flying

If you’re going to a festival that’s out of town, try getting there by bus or train! An interstate return flight could easily set you back big bucks that you could be spending at the festival. Coach services like Greyhound have routes connecting NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC and SA, or hire a car with a few friends for a road trip. Just pump your festival playlist on the way to start the party early.

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5. Stay in hostels

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It’s cleaner and sometimes cheaper than camping – especially if you don’t already own camping gear and utensils. It’s super fun as people who stay there are likely to be attending the same festival so you can take a Tinder break and actually meet like-minded people IRL.

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6. BYO (almost) everything

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Staying in hostels means you can use the communal kitchen to make breakfast and even pack lunch every day – if the festival allows outside food and you’re bothered! Otherwise bring something simple – energy bars, nuts or crackers can help stretch your budget further, and you won’t have to drink on an empty stomach.


7. Look out for freebies

From merch to drinks to VIP passes, festival vendors and sponsors often offer freebies and surprises for festival-goers on the day. Keep an eye on the venue signage and check social media every few hours to see what’s on offer. Who knows, you might even score a last-minute meet-and-greet with your favourite artist.


8. Bring cash

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Yes, there will be ATMs on site, but they are likely to charge you a withdrawal fee. Why pay to access your own money? Hit the ATM before you enter the venue and save that $3 for (half) a beer. This will also help you to set a budget for the day so you don’t come home with a credit card debt because you reeeaally felt like shouting your new mates beer after meeting them for a solid 5 seconds.


9. Use common sense

Don’t forget to pack on the sunscreen and stay hydrated throughout the day to avoid getting heatstroke or anything that will lead to medical costs. Jumping off that makeshift ladder might seem fun at the time, but not so much when you break your leg and get kicked out before Coldplay even comes on.


10. Put down your phone

Once you get there, be present, take it all in and enjoy the moment. Watch the show live, not through the screen of your phone! (If you are one of those people who bring iPads to festivals, please see yourself out.) Put the phone down for a minute so you can see Radiohead performing before your very eyes, and that would surely make your ticket worth every dollar.

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