Making friends with Australians is the best way to really experience your town from a local perspective and enrich your cultural understanding during your time here.

There are many ways to meet locals – from websites and apps such as MeetUp and Bumble BFF, to attending popular art exhibitions and cafes, or joining student networks and group assignments.

Finding where the locals spend time is one thing, but building up a genuine friendship can take some effort. We recommend choosing an ongoing activity that you are interested in and attending on a weekly basis so you can build your friendship over time.


Meetup is a website that allows you to find all different kinds sporting events and groups. From casual soccer matches on Saturdays to Dragon boating teams, this is a great way to be active and meet new people.

Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF is the place where you can meet your new best friend, partner in crime, wing woman, workout partner, or anything else that strikes your fancy!

Are you in Melbourne? Meet locals with SportsHosts

Melbourne locals love their sport! Groups of fans go together each week to watch games, meaning an instant community of people you can connect in with, if you follow the same team.

The SportsHosts website will allow you to find local sports fans for free, who will take you to experience a match and enjoy typical Melbourne GameDay activities such food before the game, drinks afterwards or a combination.

Sport is a great event to connect through, as you can easily understand it and it’s an important part of the local culture. Following a team’s progress and their players each week means you’ll always have something to talk about with your new friends.