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Welcome to your guide to studying accounting in Australia! Whether you're eager to start your accounting studies, considering your job options in the field, or a graduate about to commence your global career, Insider Guides has everything international students need to know about accounting in Australia. From the requirements necessary to study accounting and the cost of your qualifications, to unique jobs, their average salaries and the most in-demand accounting roles, scroll down to explore this career in focus.


Launching Your Global Accounting Career

If you’re studying accounting in Australia, you might be thinking about what to do once you finish your course. For many international students, it may be time to make a challenging decision about whether to leave or remain in Australia.
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Cost of Professional Accounting
Accounting is one of the most in-demand professions in Australia. This is because accountants are employed in almost every industry, in...
Is Accounting an In-Demand Career?
As a result of the pandemic, the employment landscape has changed pretty dramatically. While many industries are seeing a reduction in new...

Interesting Jobs as an Accountant and Average Salaries

Thinking about kickstarting your accounting career in Australia? You’ll be happy to hear that a 2020 study by recruitment company, Hays, found that accounting is one of the top three positions employers are looking to hire amid COVID-19.
Requirements to Study Accounting
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an accountant? Maybe you’ve had a look at the types of accounting jobs in Australia..

What type of accountant are you?

Are you a puzzle-solver or a mathematics master? Do you have aspirations to climb the corporate ladder, or are you happy working on your own to reach a single goal? Take our quiz to find the perfect accounting career for you!

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Everything you need to know about a future in accounting.

One of the world’s oldest professions, accounting is a career of the past, present and future. Every industry needs accountants - they are strategic thinkers connecting every facet of business. This is an international student's guide to accounting in Australia.