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Careers of the Future: Counselling

career in counselling

This article is sponsored by The University of Notre Dame Australia

Globalisation, automation, and rapidly changing needs mean the future of employment will probably look very different from how it looks today. In fact, many current careers won’t exist in the next 10 to 20 years. So, it’s critical that students ask the important question: ‘Will my chosen study path lead to strong job opportunities after graduation and beyond?’

In this series, we’re exploring a range of occupations forecast to have strong employment prospects in the future. Some careers in the tech industry are quickly emerging. Plus, there are other existing careers that will also have an important place in the employment opportunities of tomorrow. 

As the pressures of life and the world around us grow, people are in greater need of discussing their thoughts and feelings. Do you want to make a difference in the world? Do you have a passion for helping others? If you answered yes to these questions then a career in counselling is the ideal profession for you. 

What is counselling? 

A counsellor is someone qualified to help people through tough times and make a positive change in their lives. Counsellors provide support for people suffering from a wide range of life issues and psychological problems.

As a counsellor, you’ll provide a safe and secure environment for people to express themselves and help find ways to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

Make a difference

Being a counsellor allows you to have a tremendous impact on people’s lives for the better. Empathising with clients and providing a solid support base is key to the role. You must also be understanding and accepting without judgement so you can guide your clients towards a positive outcome. 

As a counsellor, you can have a significant effect on an individual’s mental health, on groups of people, and even entire communities. By facilitating change in people’s actions and behaviours you can assist them in developing new ways of thinking and broaden their awareness of those around them.

No two days are the same

Counsellors support a variety of communities and people in need, meaning no two days are the same. You may be meeting face-face with a client in your office, working for a government agency, or taking a group session with a classroom of students.

You may find yourself working with adults, children, couples, or groups suffering from a wide range of issues such as identity problems, grief and loss, past experiences, addiction, depression, anxiety, child abuse, domestic violence, relationship issues, and other experiences. There are countless opportunities and different paths you can carve out in your career as a counsellor, allowing you to specialise in an area of counselling where you feel comfortable and can do your best work.

Graduates are high in demand

Working as a counsellor is not only a rewarding career but also one of the fastest-growing professions in the country, meaning jobs are plentiful. A 2018 Australian Government report stated the profession was set to grow strongly over the next five years, from 25,900 jobs in 2018 to 30,500 by 2023. The report also said there are likely to be around 4,400 jobs on offer per year across all regions of Australia, with successful graduates having a greater than average chance of securing full-time work in this sector soon after completing their studies.

Study for a career in counselling

A Master of Counselling is a great qualification to have if you want to begin your counselling career. To qualify for a Master of Counselling you will need to complete a Bachelor of a relevant qualification first. Relevant education pathways may include:

  • Bachelor of Counselling
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Social Work 
  • Bachelor of Psychology 
  • Bachelor of Education

Counselling student May Ann shares her story

May Ann, from the Philippines, has an interest in helping others and is studying counselling at The University of Notre Dame Australia in Fremantle.

“I am studying counselling because I want to become part of the helping profession and I am determined to provide professional support and guidance to those in need of it. I aspire to become an effective counsellor by applying the knowledge and skills that I will acquire in this degree.”

Not only is May Ann learning the skills necessary to become a qualified counsellor, she believes the support offered by the University is going a long way towards her success.

“What I am enjoying so far is the consistent support I get from my lectures and the University personnel. I feel that they are genuinely there to provide all my academic needs.”

Not only do the faculty staff provide great support, but the University and the city of Fremantle have a lot to offer according to May Ann, including “the well preserved 19th Century buildings and the location of the classrooms.”

“All I can say is that Australia’s quality of education is one of the best and studying here is an experience they won’t forget.”

Ready for your counselling career? The University of Notre Dame Australia is a great place to kickstart your journey. The University’s Master of Counselling degree provides professional training that combines classroom learning and practical counselling experience, and it’s accredited by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia and Australian Counselling Association. You’ll also have the opportunity to complete an original thesis as part of the program. For more information, head to The University of Notre Dame Australia website.