Residential Colleges

Colleges are a great accommodation option for international students as a lot of the basics are taken care of, and most colleges are only a short distance from the big universities. At a residential college you’ll receive all your meals, as well as a weekly room clean.


Arrange to spend your first four weeks with an accredited homestay provider, which should include access to a pre-organised professional and safe airport pick-up service direct to your welcoming accommodation.

Private Rental

This is true independent living – renting an apartment or a house either alone or with housemates. Renting a place means you call the shots. You have to pay for everything though, including furniture, food, utilities as well as rent. Independent living is great and you can meet a whole bunch of new people but paying for everything, including furniture and all utilities can be tough.

Reasons to Consider Homestay

International students who choose to do homestays in Australia usually find them very rewarding. A homestay it a type of cultural exchange, it allows a student from overseas to live in the home of a… Read more