First Steps

Applying to Study in Australia

What is the process for those who want to study in Australia? We explain the application process and how to obtain an Australian Student Visa.

Universities in Australia

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What IELTS do You Need to Study in Australia?

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The Top Five Australian Student Visas

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A Guide to Universities in New South Wales

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The Ultimate Guide for Under-18 Students

Starting tertiary studies is a big step. Studying overseas is an even bigger step, especially if you’re under the age of 18. In Australia, the legal age to become an adult is 18. This means… Read more

How to Make New Connections During O-Week

Orientation Week (or O-Week for short) is a week of events and activities that kicks off the academic year at educational institutions around Australia. O-Week is usually held at both the start and middle of… Read more

Top Reasons to Study in Australia

Australia is one of the world’s leading education powerhouses and features globally renowned facilities and educators. International students are continually enticed by the range of quality study options and excellent lifestyle. Quality Education System With… Read more

Choosing Your New City

So, you’ve decided to study in Australia? Great news! The next step is to choose a city to live in. Australia is a big country that offers a range of different lifestyles and opportunities, so… Read more

Packing for Australia

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Six Helpful Tips for Passing the IELTS

If you’ve started to research your study options in Australia, you’ll know that taking the IELTS is an essential prerequisite for almost every university course. IELTS stands for ‘International English Language Testing System’ and is a… Read more