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Great Aussie Gifts to Send Home

Want to send a little piece of Australia to friends and family back home? Forget keychains and t-shirts; we’ve put together a list of iconic Aussie gifts that are sure to please your loved ones this Christmas.

Aussie Apparel


Aussies love a hot day at the beach or the pool, and multiple famous surf and swim brands were bred from our love of the water. There are plenty of brands to choose from, all of which call Australia home. Seafolly and Tigerlily make cute bikinis, while Speedo is a great swimwear option for anyone who takes their swimming seriously. Surf brands Rip Curl, Quiksilver and Roxy were all founded in Torquay, Victoria’s surfing hub.

Ugg Boots

Ugg boots have become iconic around the world. The sheepskin boots are hugely popular not only as warm slippers to wear around the home, but as outdoor shoes perfect for running errands in (after all, who wouldn’t want their feet to be comfortable 24/7?). There are several companies on the market making ugg boots, as well as plenty of brands doing vegan versions.

Akubra Hat

You might already recognise the Akubra: it’s the famous hat worn by Crocodile Dundee and pro golfer Greg Norman. The Akubra is designed to withstand the rough weather conditions in Australia, but it helps that it looks pretty cool, too. There are multiple versions available from the original Akubra makers, plus a ‘Croc’ version identical to the one worn in the famous film.

Aussie Skin care

Manuka honey

Manuka honey is said to help heal cuts, wounds and minor burns, stimulate tissue regeneration, and reduce scarring – wow! It’s also used as a cosmetic to smooth and soften your skin and make it glow. Manuka honey is grown widely in New Zealand, as well as in Tasmania.

Goat milk products

Ever thought of rubbing goat milk on your skin and hair? The pH level of goat milk is very close to your skin, making it a gentle and effective cleanser that’s perfect for anyone with a skin condition. Plus, it smells really good. You can find goat milk soaps, cleansers, shampoos, conditioners and more at most pharmacies.

Iconic Aussie brands

There are some fantastic Australian skincare brands that make ideal gifts to send back home – think serums, moisturisers, cleansers and more, infused with fragrant herbal ingredients. A few of our favourites include Aesop, which was started in Melbourne in 1987; Jurlique, which originated just outside of Adelaide in 1985; and Grown Alchemist, a Melbourne brand started in 2008.

Edible Gifts

Tim Tams

These are probably the most famous biscuits to come out of Australia. For the unfamiliar, they consist of two biscuits sandwiched with chocolate cream and covered in chocolate. There are plenty of varieties available, including milk chocolate, caramel, dark chocolate, and limited edition versions, so why not send home a hamper containing multiple flavours?

Food hamper

If you want to offer your gift recipient a more varied taste of Australia, this Aussie Classics Box contains everything you’ll need. Inside, you’ll find Tim Tams, Milo, Vegemite, Weet-Bix and more.

Bush tucker

Ever heard of wattleseed, quandong or saltbush? Australia is home to an incredible array of native ingredients, and you can share them with family and friends by gifting them. You can find native ingredients for sale online, either individually or in a hamper.

Animal adoption

To make a difference through gift-giving, why not adopt an Australian animal? Most zoos offer sponsorship programs where you can pay a monthly donation in the name of your giftee. At Australia Zoo you can adopt a Tasmanian devil, wombat, echidna or crocodile among several other animals, and at Taronga Zoo there are plenty of adorable creatures to choose from, including bilbies. Otherwise, you can adopt a koala from one of the many conservation parks in Australia. Your donation will go towards research and education programs, conservation, breeding, and more. Note: sadly you can’t actually take these cute critters home – instead, you can visit them at their home zoo or conservation park during your time in Australia!

Aboriginal items

Indigenous culture is an incredibly important part of Australia. If you’re keen to share Aboriginal art or items such as clapsticks or didgeridoos with people back home, make sure to buy ethically. There are a few questions you should ask before buying Aboriginal art or other items – more information can be found here.