International Students Ask

Do you have a question that international students around Australia would benefit from expert advice on?

Study Australia is here to help. For example…

What does the current situation mean for my student visa?

Where should I be looking for a job?

How can I find mental health support?

This is your chance to ask Study Australia, and its partners, anything and everything you want to know about your time studying here in Australia. Whether it’s about visas, mental health, financial hardship, travel, your studies, employment, relationships or even simply finding a friend to talk to, reach out to us.

It’s easy! Submit your general questions below. The team at Study Australia, and its partners, will choose the most pressing questions, find the right expert to answer and will post responses on our social media channel to help others, too.

If you do have any urgent questions you want answered, the Australian Government has created a dedicated email and hotline for international students at and 1300 981 621 (9am to 5pm AEST, weekdays)

Remember that that you are not alone. We’re #InThisTogether


This is not a crisis support or immediate response helpline. If you are in danger dial 000. If you require mental health support please head to Lifeline who can provide 24 hour assistance.




Study Australia partners are: Study NSW, Study Melbourne, Study Canberra, StudyAdelaide, StudyPerth, Study Queensland, Study Brisbane, Study Gold Coast, StudyNT, Study Tasmania

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