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Where to Look for Part-Time and Casual Jobs in Australia

Are you arriving in Australia to start your studies and thinking about securing a job on the side? Or, are you returning from holidays and keen to dive into something new? If the answer to either of these questions is ‘yes’, you might be wondering how to go about finding work.

The good news is, you have plenty of options when it comes to looking for jobs in Australia. Once you’ve settled in, here are the few best places to search for a part-time or casual job.

Job sites

Seek, Indeed, Jora and Adzuna are some of the biggest job platforms in Australia. There are millions of jobs listed on each site, ranging from casual food service roles to senior corporate positions. You can filter jobs by industry, job type (part-time or casual), pay rate and more, and you can even set up job alerts. You will then receive a daily email listing the top jobs that match your criteria.

A new addition to Australia’s line-up of job search sites is Student Job Board, which is dedicated to students in secondary and tertiary education and specialises in casual and holiday work.

Your educational institution’s jobs board

Your educational institution is a great place to look for work. It might have a physical job board located somewhere on-campus, or it may have a dedicated jobs page on its website. The best thing about using your educational institution’s jobs board is that the roles listed have been specifically targeted towards students, meaning employers are ready and willing to take on young employees. Ask your international student office for more information.


If you haven’t made a LinkedIn account yet, make one now! LinkedIn is probably the best social media channel for connecting with recruiters and leaders across all kinds of industries. This will help with your job search not only now, but in the future when you’re looking to build your career. Build a great professional profile by checking out our handy guide to using LinkedIn.


There are lots of good Facebook groups dedicated to particular industries and cities, where employers post all kinds of jobs. ‘Sydney Jobs’ and ‘Melbourne Hospitality Jobs Public Group’ are just two examples, but you can search for keywords on Facebook to find groups relevant to you.

Facebook has also created its own job search engine. Facebook Jobs is pretty new, but here you’ll find plenty of roles for students. You can look for jobs in your area and apply through Facebook Messenger. Plus, Facebook’s algorithm picks up jobs and companies that it thinks you might have an interest in.

Gig platforms

The gig economy in Australia is huge, with a large number of students taking on jobs through various gig platforms like Uber and Uber Eats, DiDi, Ola, Deliveroo and EASI. The way that it works is that you sign up to become a driver or rider (you’ll need to provide your own car or bike), then you receive alerts if a job comes up near you. The best part is, you can take on as many or as few jobs as you wish – ideal if you’re looking to earn more in the holidays, or you’re in the middle of exams and keen to focus on your studies.

If you’re a freelancer, you can also check out websites like Freelancer, Fiverr and Upwork. Across all of these sites, you can create a profile, bid for jobs, and be found by businesses looking for contractors across a range of industries.

Industry platforms

In Australia, there are lots of fantastic platforms that allow you to search and apply for jobs in particular industries.

If you’re looking to take on hospitality work in Melbourne, the Supp app lets you search for shift work and pick up extra jobs as you need them. More hospitality jobs can be found on Scout Jobs, while roles in media, publishing and other creative industries are often advertised on The Loop and Pedestrian Jobs. If you’re looking for a not-for-profit role, make sure to check out Ethical Jobs.

Things to remember during your job search

Australia provides wonderful opportunities for students to study and work at the same time. But, always remember there is a risk of being exploited. During your job search, try to do a bit of research on the employer to make sure they’re a legitimate operation. Also, employers that ask you to do unpaid trial shifts or try to pay you in anything other than money are best avoided. Australia has a set minimum wage, and you should steer clear of a job offering lower than this amount. For more information on your rights as an employee, check out our list of things to know when starting a new job.