Making Lifelong Friends in Student Accommodation

making friends university

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Living in student accommodation is a pretty awesome experience: you’re thrown into university life with a bunch of like-minded students, you’re usually living right in the heart of the city or near campus, and you’re bound to form friendships that will last for life. After all, you’ll probably end up spending most of your time with the people you live with. If you’re looking to make some connections, here are a few ideas to get you started on the path towards becoming lifelong friends with your housemates.

Host a Dinner Party with a Twist

Combining shared food and good conversation, a dinner party is a great way to bond with your housemates. It helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere where guests can relax and get to know each other.

Why not give your dinner party a twist? Fun ideas might include:

  • Potlucks where each guest brings a dish from their home country
  • Themed dinner parties where everyone brings a dish inspired by a particular movie, decade or country
  • DIY dinners where each person can customise their dish – tacos and pizzas are ideal options here!

Compete in a Games Night

Hosting or partaking in a games night is a fantastic way to break the ice with your housemates. It’s a great opportunity to have a bit of competitive fun with your new friends and bond through teamwork or friendly rivalry (depending on your game of choice). A games night could involve anything from board games or card games, to pool or video games. Student accommodation providers often have dedicated games rooms complete with pool tables, which are perfect for hosting a get-together.

Start a Study Group

Even if you’re not necessarily studying the same subjects, simply having other students around you can be helpful for feeling motivated and staying on track. Plus, it always helps to collaborate on certain ideas or have a second set of eyes look over your work.

Put aside a set day and time each week to catch up with your housemates to revise and work on your various assignments, with regular breaks scheduled so you can balance your study sessions with a bit of downtime and conversation.

Make sure to take advantage of living in student accommodation by using one of the common areas to host your next study group.

Play Trivia

Pub trivia is a hugely popular pastime in Australia, so you’ll no doubt come across plenty of weekly trivia events. Check out some of the local pubs and bars to see if there are any trivia nights in your area.

Otherwise, you could host a trivia night yourself. Put together a list of questions on a range of topics, form teams amongst your group of new friends, and have everyone compete against each other to take out top prize. It’s an awesome way to mingle with new people and bond as you work together to win.

Explore your new city

Every Australian city has its hidden gems, and bringing a group together to explore is a great way to discover them. Seeing the city as a group allows you to get to know the area together, learn about each other’s interests, and find spots that you might like to revisit during your stay.

You can make a habit of exploring and opt to visit a new type of place each time. If you and your housemates have shared interests, you can incorporate these by visiting new live music venues, sporting arenas, or museums. Otherwise, you could spend the day visiting heritage-listed locations, heading to one of Australia’s many incredible beaches, or checking out local markets.

Organise a short getaway

Australia is packed with cute villages and regional towns, many of which are just a short trip away from each capital city. You could organise a weekend away with your housemates to explore incredible wine regions, coastal towns, quaint country villages, ski spots, and more.

And if there’s one thing that Australia is known for, it’s beautiful beaches – with some of the best located outside major cities. Make a weekend of it by beach-hopping, going fishing, taking surf classes, and dining at beachside locations.

Exploring some of the best parts of Australia is a great way to bond with your new housemates and form memories that will last for life.