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New Driver Licence Law for Students in Victoria

Just arrived in Victoria and think you might want to take to the road during your time here? There’s a new driving law to be aware of.

From 29 October 2019, all visa holders – including international students – need to get a Victorian driver licence within six months of moving to the state. Previously, you could use your overseas licence for the duration of your time in Victoria without needing to get a local licence, as long as your overseas licence was in English or accompanied by an English translation or international driving permit.

Now, even if you hold a driver licence from your home country, it won’t be valid six months after you arrive. Instead, you’ll have to get a local one to replace it for your time in Victoria. If you continue using your overseas licence after six months, you’ll be breaking the road rules and risk being penalised.

If you’re already living in Victoria and using an overseas licence, you have six months from 29 October 2019 to get a Victorian licence.

If your licence is from a ‘recognised country’, or you’re over 25 and from a country where driver experience is recognised, you may simply need to make an appointment with VicRoads to have your overseas licence converted to a Victorian one. But, if you’re under 25 and from a country where driver experience is recognised, or your overseas licence isn’t recognised in Victoria, you’ll need to take several tests, including a driving test. Click here to find out if your overseas licence is recognised.

Licence laws are different in every Australian state, so if you’re not located in Victoria, it pays to get familiar with the laws relevant to you. You can find out more on the Australian Government website. To learn more about road rules and using the road safely, head to our guide to driving in Australia.