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Study in Australia

What are Group of Eight Universities?
While you might not have heard the term 'Group of Eight (Go8) Universities' before, you might be familiar with the concept! Perhaps a... Read More

Education pathways SPONSORED

Using VET as a Pathway to a University Degree
If you don’t quite meet the requirements for studying at university in Australia just yet, we have good news! Enrolling in a Vocational... Read More

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What is Vocational Education and Training (VET)?
For high employability, practical, hands-on learning, and a range of unique, specialised courses, many students look to Vocational... Read More

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What You Wish You Knew About Your Study Options in Australia
Didn’t get the grades required for admission into your chosen course? Not quite ready to take on a lengthy university degree? Want to... Read More

Charles Sturt University Study Centres SPONSORED

10 Ways Of Using a University Degree To Your Advantage
The path to completing a university degree usually involves several years’ commitment to study, classes, assessments, exams and hard... Read More

first day

Your First Day of University
O-Week is over and you've settled into your accommodation. Now comes the biggest step of all - your first day of university! You may feel... Read More

Murdoch University SPONSORED

Support Services You Might Not be Aware of at University (But Definitely Should be!)
University can be as challenging as it is rewarding, and access to high-quality support is the foundation of a fantastic university... Read More


Your Guide to the Different Types of Study in Australia
There are lots of different ways to study in Australia. As an international student, you can choose between a range of courses depending on... Read More

Academic record

Study in Australia Glossary
When you start your studies, you’ll probably find that there are several terms associated with Australian tertiary education that you may... Read More


Careers of the Future: Commercial Cookery
Globalisation, automation and rapidly changing needs mean the future of employment will probably look very different to now. In fact, many... Read More