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Party of One: How to Plan a Solo Trip in Australia

Travelling solo in Australia is an excellent way to learn more about yourself while having the adventure of a lifetime. See Australia’s breathtaking sights, embrace your independence and make memories that will last you a lifetime – sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Of course, getting the most out of your solo travel experience takes some planning. Use these handy tips to learn how to plan a solo trip in Australia with ease.

Is Australia safe to travel alone? 

As far as solo travel destinations go, Australia is high on the list. Known for its friendly residents and laid-back lifestyle, Australia is absolutely a safe country to travel in alone. However, the safest solo trips in Australia are the ones where safety precautions are top of mind. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your solo travel experience as safe as possible: 

  • Ensure somebody always knows where you are – Whether a friend or family member, have a contact person you regularly check in with at an agreed-upon time. Make sure this person knows your travel itinerary. That way, if you don’t get in touch when you said you would, they can take steps to check in on you.
  • Travel during the day – This tip is particularly important for those embarking on solo road trips in Australia. Don’t travel on your own at night if you can avoid it.
  • Be water safe – Australian beaches are home to unpredictable conditions. Swim at patrolled beaches and stay between the flags. Read more about safety practices on Australian beaches and swimming safety in general.
  • Have a well-planned itinerary – When travelling solo in Australia, you don’t want to get somewhere on your own in the middle of the night. Make sure you plan how you’ll get from one place to another well in advance.
  • Make two copies of your most important documents – This includes documents like your passport, visa and health insurance. Leave one with a trusted friend or family member and take one with you (along with the original). Keep them in separate areas of your luggage and always take your valuables with you.

Best places to travel solo in Australia  

So, what are some of the best solo travel destinations in Australia? The answer will depend on your interests, budget, location, safety concerns, and how much time you have available for your holiday. 

From a safety perspective, Australian major cities are typically well-connected and well surveilled, making them relatively safe destinations. Some of Australia’s most popular cities include Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. Australia is also home to a number of smaller coastal cities that are generally very safe for solo travellers, including the Gold Coast and Cairns.

If it’s a more rural experience you’re after, it may be worth joining a tour group, so you’re not entirely alone in remote parts of the country. You may also need more time to explore these regions as they are quite isolated. Some examples of attractive (and safe) regional areas include Newcastle, Toowoomba and Mildura.


What kind of accommodation you’ll feel most comfortable in is primarily a question of budget. Solo trip costs can add up quickly, so if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider a bed in a shared hostel room. While these rooms offer minimal privacy, they tend to be pretty cheap. Shared rooms are also an excellent option for those looking to socialise. There are often communal kitchen facilities and living rooms where you can sit and chat with fellow travellers.

If you want more room to yourself, check out private rooms in hostels or hotel rooms. These will be more expensive, but the price may well be worth the reward of sinking into a soft bed and sleeping soundly after a long travel day. 

Socialising as a solo traveller 

Travelling solo in Australia can get a bit lonely at times, so you may be keen to meet new people. Aside from meeting fellow travellers in your accommodation, you can also check out sites like Meetup for events near you. Meetups are often targeted at people with similar interests, so be sure to download the app and take a look.

If you’re after a more personal relationship, check out Bumble BFF. Based on the popular Bumble dating app, this platform allows you to find platonic friends.

Another option is to check out local Facebook groups and events once you arrive at your destination. To refine your search, filter by interests or area; from there, you can browse the listings to see if there’s anything of interest. 

Be kind to yourself

If you’re trying to figure out how to plan a solo trip, remember that self-compassion is key. Travelling by yourself is a learning experience and it can bring many different emotions. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel lonely, scared or bored – these are normal feelings that all solo travellers encounter. But the prize of travelling by yourself is the personal growth that comes with it – and it’s well worth any feelings of discomfort along the way.