Student Webinar: How to get an internship as an international student

Internships can be the key to getting valuable Australian workplace experience, building professional networks, learning more about future roles and, in some cases, getting a paid job afterwards. But how do you successfully land an internship as an international student in Australia?

Joined by Hope Dolino, Programs Manager for Practera, and Shirley Hsueh, Service Improvement Manager (Internships) at the University of Queensland, this webinar covered everything you need to know about internships, including:

  • Finding internships as an international student
  • What to expect in an Australian internship
  • Understanding and avoiding internship exploitation
  • Virtual internships in 2020
  • Getting a paid job out of an internship

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Internship support:

  • Fair Work Ombudsman: Work experience and internships – If you are unsure about your working rights as an international student when it comes to internships, or if you are experiencing issues in the workplace, always contact the Fair Work Ombudsman (and your education provider, if your internship is facilitated through your school)

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